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Jones discusses move to Besiktas

Jermaine Jones Schalke 3 (Getty Images)

  • CJ

    So am I getting this right? Questions are asked in German, translated to Turkish for the crowd, and Jones answers in English?!


  • whoop-whoop

    Great news that Jones has a place to get some playing time leading into WC. We are going to need him to be at his best. Honestly, my only exposure watching the Turkish League is CL, but…. Besiktas… Galatasaray always seem to be quality, a tough draw there. Think this could be a good move for JJ considering how things were starting to look last week.

    Thought it somewhat interesting that when asked about how he envisions himself as a player, he unhesitatingly said he sees himself as a 6 and likes to secure things defensively in order to accommodate other players ability to go forward/ have offensive freedom. Sometimes seems w/ the US this role is somewhat less defined between him and MB.


  • beachbum

    JJ is a physical freak and hard as nails stud out there who plays much smarter than he gets credit for imo, enforcer, ball player. we’re lucky to have him.

    he’s shown a nice understanding of our region over time too, nice learning curve, the way they play him and try to bait him, and I think some of the grief he and MB get in their pairing is over blown tho I hope for more between them this summer like we all do

    hope this transfer works out for him and the USMNT


    • chris

      Physical freak? 6 ft 180 lbs is a physical freak now????? hahaha why do soccer fans set their standards so low? JJ’s not a physical freak


      • beachbum

        you only mention his height? yes he is, and other players call him that

        laugh at yourself


      • Nic D "the TX 2 Stepper"

        Being a physical freak isn’t just about the metrics of mass and length.

        He’s fast enough, strong, has great stamina and fairly agile enough to take the ball right off the toes of players who are certainly faster and trickier. Add in his soccer intelligence (tactics, positioning, game situation management, reading the game and etc.) and you can see why he was once voted best MF in the Bundesliga.

        He is certainly slowing down and is appropriately changing his game to play within himself and we will reap the fruits of this maturity in 5 months.


      • beachbum

        “Being a physical freak isn’t just about the metrics of mass and length.”

        exactly, thanks


  • biff

    Jones looks absolutely thrilled to be at Besiktas. And why not? A dream move…

    But seriously, kind of painful to watch this. JJ seems down. I’ve always liked Jones and when he is in form MB can only dream about reaching JJ’s level. He never will. But, you know, Jones brought this whole thing on himself, basically left Schalke with no alternative but to show him the door. I hope JJ can get serious now and focus only on soccer and get his confidence back and get back in top form because he can be a huge asset key member for the USMNT and I, for one, would love it if he made us proud this summer in Brazil. And if he does that, he might be able to get a decent MLS contract.


      • GW


        MBTFC ‘s best asset is he is consistent. Since he went to Italy, you can always count on him to perform at a pretty high level. The USMNT has come to count on that.

        JJ’s best level, however, is higher than Mikey’s. He’s just not as consistent. However, if you watch closely, he usually turns up when the USMNT really needs him. For example, the Costa Rica winter wonderland bowl was a victory that set the US qualifying campaign on the right track when a loss could easily have sent it in the other direction. And Jones showed well there.

        I’m guessing he will be at his very best in Brazil where he certainly will not lack for motivation.


    • whoop-whoop

      LoL Jones is always on the mellow side in interviews. Probably pretty tough to grant a bubbly, enthusiastic, spontaneous interview fresh off a plane, agents, contract negotiations, team officials, multiple press interviews, team introductions etc. Not to mention he’s answering cliche boring questions through multi-layered translations in a non native tongue. Sucks the life out of me just thinking of it.


    • GW

      “JJ seems down”

      Ever try carrying on a 15 minute or more involved business conversation with a translator? You bow your head down to listen and it is very tiring and your head hurts..

      ” But, you know, Jones brought this whole thing on himself,”

      What are you his mother?


  • John

    Personally I think Jones might be the most important player for us this summer. Ghana’s strength is there midfield and that battle will be where the first match could be won or lost. Then it’s going to take Jones and probably Cameron to both watch over CR if we are to have any chance. We know about what we’ll get out of Bradley but if Jones is on his game covering every inch of the feild that will be what makes a difference.


    • beto

      Good points. While they wont be the goal scorers or headliners, if they do well we will too


  • SD

    2 things:

    1-the way the reporter was asking the questions, it makes this move seem like it’s a permanent move, not a loan…perhaps it was a translation thing…

    2-jones does seem down, but edu looked and sounded the same during his first interview when he went to turkey too…


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