Are there enough big personalities in American soccer?

Are there enough big personalities in American soccer?


Are there enough big personalities in American soccer?

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Have you ever found yourself wondering where the big personalities are in American soccer? The players who know how to work a camera, and turn a phrase, and generate attention in the mainstream?

If so, you’re not alone. I wondered the same thing in a recent column for about just where the personalities are in American soccer. Sparked by the public outburst of NFL player Richard Sherman, my curiosity about the subject led me to speak to Alexi Lalas, one of the few players in American soccer history who parlayed personality into a more high-profile career. His thoughts on the topic were interesting to say the least.

No, nobody is advocating for players to start shouting at reporters and showboating opponents like Richard Sherman. The point was more about having players who could promote and market themselves with interesting, and sometimes outspoken personalties. MLS is definitely lacking in this department, and the U.S. Men’s National Team doesn’t really have such outspoken individuals. Something we haven’t really seen since the 1994 team, which features the likes of Lalas, Earnie Stewart and Cobi Jones.

Women’s soccer has some more personalities, with Sydney Leroux and Hope Solo examples of players who have unique personalities that generate more interest in the sport.

Give my column a read and let me know what you think. Do you agree that American soccer could use some more players with outspoken and even outlandish personalities? Do you prefer the absence of those types of extroverts? Think having more personalities could help grow the game, or actually hurt the game?

Share your thoughts below.

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