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Report: Miami Vice under consideration for Beckham's expansion MLS team name



When it became official that David Beckham would be bringing an MLS franchise to Miami, there was no shortage to the obligatory jokes about a certain 1980s South Beach-based TV show.

But Beckham’s new team wouldn’t actually be named Miami Vice. Right?

Well, not so fast. According to a report in the Palm Beach Post, Miami Vice is being floated as a legitimate name. Citing sources involved with Beckham’s ownership group, the report claims that the Vice, along with Miami Current and an undisclosed name tied to a corporate sponsor are among the names being considered.

At least they were the names used in a presentation to the City of Miami, Miami-Dade County and potential investors.

The Post also obtained images of a potential logo and kit that were used in the presentation. And true to a Don Johnson leisure suit, the logo features soft, pastel colors with the letters M and V forming a shield. The kit features an aqua shirt and dark gray shorts with pink stripes.

The formation of Beckham’s team was formerly announced in a Feb. 5 event in Miami. The surrounding details, including where the stadium will be built and what the club will be named, obviously will fuel the rumor mills in the coming months.

What do you think of this development? See Miami Vice being a legitimate name, or think it’s a bit too cheesy? What would you call the new Miami team?

Share your thoughts below.

    • Ali Dia

      Not bad– Although I believe the locals spell it “Llello”. Whatever– just pick one and save the other for the alternate crest / third jersey. Can’t miss.


  • Ali Dia

    This might the most spectacular non-answer ever given to a basic question:

    Regarding the team colors:
    “They will be very vibrant colors, which I’m sure people are quite aware of what colors people in Miami love,” Beckham told reporters last week after announcing his intention to bring an MLS club to South Florida. “We haven’t exactly decided what colors they’ll be yet, but we have a good idea.”

    I love that guy.


  • Brett Son of Stephen

    This might be the funniest comment thread I have seen on this sight. Granted the topic is ripe for comedy.


  • solles

    Miami Vice? nooooooooooooooooooooooo that would be an embarassment.

    CD Miami, connect with what you hope will be your core fanbase.


  • user222

    paying homage to Little Havana that’s becoming too big…

    Miami Salsa… Miami Mambo…. Miami Mojitos, Black Beans Miami…..


  • KungFuSoccer

    Miami always seemed like a bad idea to me, but I always thought these people must have done their research and surely must know what they are doing. They obviously have no idea what they are doing. How about Miami Knight Riders or Miami Manimal?


  • Joseph D'Hippolito

    Why do I have this gut feeling that Beckham’s tenure as an owner is going to be a joke?


    • BrianK

      I don’t think so. He is a nice guy and is surrounded by smart people. I think they are going to do well,…on the field. In the stands is another matter.


  • Skippy

    I kinda like Miami Vice. Can’t help it. I’m a sucker for 80’s awesomeness. But, wouldn’t they need to buy or license the trademark from whatever movie studio controls it now? Should be cheap after Colin Farrell drove that franchise into the ground.


  • inkedAG

    Miami Vice is an awful, awful name.

    What would the marketing campaign be? Get your fix of Miami? Get addicted to Miami Vice?

    Call it the Miami Beckhams and get it over with.


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