The SBI Show: Episode 115 (Talking MLS deals, Americans Abroad, and more)

Austin Berry

Photo by ISIPhotos.com


With the 2014 MLS season less than two weeks away, the transactions are starting to fly as teams put the finishing touches on their rosters for the upcoming season, and The SBI Show breaks down the latest maneuvers making the rounds.

Episode 115 of The SBI Show discusses some of the recent high-profile maneuvers, including Philadelphia’s acquisition of Austin Berry, and FC Dallas’ signing of Uruguayan forward David Texeira.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I also discuss Don Garber’s recent comments regarding expansion, and his admission that MLS could grow beyond 24 teams. We also catch up on a busy weekend for Americans Abroad, and we also discuss the upcoming USMNT-Ukraine friendly.

Give Episode 115 a listen after the jump:

What did you think of Episode 115 of The SBI Show? Agree with our take on Philadelphia’s impressive offseason? Like the idea of MLS expanding beyond 24 teams?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Drew

    I say hold those spots hostage for a couple of seasons… Let USL/NASL and other groups develop a fan base. No need to rush into these new markets without some evidence of a following unless they are willing to pony up NYCFC entry fee type cash.

    Would like to see the midwest have more MLS academies tho.

    Lastly, crazy/good times to be a Union fan #doop


  • tom

    I think 26 would be a good peak. Two conferences of 13. Play everyone in your conference home and away (24 games) and everyone in the other conference once (alternating home/away every other year). That would be 37 games…which is about the peak of games I think you want to play in a season.


  • atd

    FWIW, while Detroit city is not doing well, the Detroit metro area is wealthier both absolutely and in terms of median income than any of the cities Ives mentioned for #25-28 except Minneapolis-St. Paul. In other words, it’s still doing better than St. Louis, San Diego, Sacramento, Charlotte, Austin, OKC….


  • LeaveAReply

    does anyone really believe that Canada will submit a bid for 2026 without the promise of a domestic league? or rather, does anyone think Canada that dumb to do so. The days of MLS in Canada are numbered.


  • BrianK

    This was a good show,…the guys were being a bit tough on themselves. At this point,…its all about seeing what US – Ukraine has to offer and the kick-off to the MLS season.

    Couple of notes:

    1. Ives,…agree with you on Red Bulls. But,…as a Red Bull season ticket holder, it was,….at least, nice to have an off-season in which the team was being overhauled as in many past years. Also,…I wouldn’t put it past Red Bulls to make a big splash with a DP post-Brazil.

    2. A topic for a future show,…DC United stadium issues. I was reading the Washington Post today and (incredibly) saw an article that reported that local politicians are supporting the idea of demolishing RFK for a new football stadium for the Redskins. Incredible! Why not demolish RFK for a new stadium for United,…say 28-30K seats? It is sad that people (politicians) will get on their knees for baseball and football,…but soccer is treated like a rented mule! Sad.


  • Sam T

    Congrats on the podcast sponsorship, I think it’s long overdue.

    However, I don’t think being played 3 times is particularly effective. Ideally, I could get behind one canned trailer, and then Garrett and Ives talking about the product/movie (hopefully as rapturously as other TV discussions). I would understand the same film supporting a few episodes, but it’ll be tiresome to hear the same promo three or so times over the course of several episodes, it’ll be as tone deaf as the repeat ads on ABC streaming; or like the Dewars campaign on NBCSports… ugh.


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