U.S. Men's National Team

The SBI Show: Episode 116 (Talking the USMNT roster, MLS expansion, and more)

Oguchi Onyewu


The U.S. Men’s National Team’s roster for the upcoming friendly against Ukraine has several faces making their returns to the USMNT mix after long layoffs, and several players looking to move up Jurgen Klinsmann’s depth chart.

Episode 116 of The SBI Show takes a closer look at the U.S. roster, including the players making their way back in like Oguchi Onyewu, Tim Ream and Danny Williams.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I also discuss the latest on the MLS front, including rumors of Texas cities looking to join the expansion party, such as San Antonio and Austin. We also discuss the recent comments by NASL commissioner Bill Peterson about MLS, as well as having a pretty lively SBI Show Q&A.

Give Episode 116 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:


What did you think of the show? Who are you hoping to see get some playing time against Ukraine? What do you think of the idea of Austin potentially landing an MLS expansion team?

Share your thoughts below.

  • bb

    Hearing all this talk about Agudelo & AJ with Jozy, makes me wonder where our forward pool would be if Charlie Davies had never got injured.


    • Anthony

      part of me wonders…but he was not lighting it up in France before he got injured (from what I remember).


      • taylor

        he unfortunately was only with his club for the very beginning of the season before the accident. i remember he scored off the bench in his first appearance, played the full 90 in the rest of the games he was there before the wreck, and scored three goals and got an assist during that short time, if i remember correctly. he was rated very highly by his manager


  • Freddie Footballer

    You’d be more than welcome in the Bay, Ives! AO here will take care of you and we can toast with some Jack and Coke.


  • USMNT Fan

    Ives stated, “Michael Bradley, Jermaine Jones locks…you figure its Kyle Beckerman, Mix Diskerud…I think Beckerman is ahead of Diskerud…so Diskerud has a lot of competition.” Ives, you’re better than that! Beckerman and Diskerud may play centrally in midfield, but have very different roles. Thus, they are not competing against each other, but against like players (ie. Beckerman/Williams/Edu and Diskerud/Kljestan/Feilhaber). This can be supported by Klinsmann’s statements about defining the number 6 and 8 roles.


    • Steve Austin

      Klinsmann wants the roles defined on the field based on assignments, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t players who can’t play as a 6 and 8. Jones and Bradley could both handle 6 and 8 roles, so your argument doesn’t hold much water. He can afford to bring the four best center mids because of that very versatility. Beckerman and Diskerud aren’t similar, but they absolutely are in the same competition for World Cup spots.


      • USMNT Fan

        Based on your argument the best four central midfielders, taking into consideration versatility, are Bradley, Cameron, Dempsey and Jones. However, based on Klinsmann’s selections over the course of the last year there has been a trend towards bringing along at least one defensive-minded and another technically-gifted offensive-minded midfielder behind Bradley and Jones. Glance through his selections and this obvious trend will be seen.


      • John

        While it might not be popular to say this Beckerman has shown to beable to step into Bradley’s role as the 6 to a degree. Perhaps he knocks a few too many backwards but at least he doesn’t turn it over the way Jones does when asked to pick up the ball off the backline. This was the difference between the Costa Rica and Mexico match. Everyone is always calling for Jones to take the more defensive role but the fact he can’t do this, means he is forced further up field then Bradley.


  • MisterJC

    First, congratulations on the sponsor! I hope that means we can expect to have contests to win fabulous prizes!

    Second, Garrett. Wow, man. I mean, wow. Let’s go down the list, shall we?

    A) You don’t know who Blair Underwood is. A shame, but understandable.

    B) Fabian Johnson is NOT a lock to start for the US in the World Cup? No defense for you, there.

    C) Henry, Donovan, and Cahill COME OFF THE BENCH for your MLS All Star team? Yikes, dude.

    That was truly an epic Q & A session, and as usual, a wonderful show. Thanks for answering my question and for the work you do, guys…


  • Kodak Jackson

    Fabian Johnson started against Mexico, why would you think he’s not starting against Ghana. Juan Agudelo is the big name for me with the most to prove because Bacon has passed Agudelo on the depth chart since he’s always injured during national games.


  • Kfre

    Garret, if Fabian Johnson is not penciled in a lock or whatever other euphemism you want to use then every spot is up for grabs. The only reason D Beasley is being considered at LB is bc JK wants Fabian more involved in the attack. Who in the pool is ahead of him on the depth chart. Too much sun for you in AZ.


  • Cylo

    lol Come on Ives. Blair Underwood a nobody. I can see why a lot of people don’t know who he is. I only know him cause of LA Law but outside of that he did nothing


  • Turgid Jacobian

    I think that Spector’s best work EVER was actually when he got moved to midfield well AFTER the Confederations Cup.


    • GW


      Yes but that was for his club.

      As far as I know, he never played midfield for the USMNT. He has played at centerback for the US.


      • Turgid Jacobian

        That’s true. He played fill-in at fullback, too-like at Confeds cup.


  • Turgid Jacobian

    “World cup is a whole ‘nother level, not just in quality, but in intensity”

    No doubt:remember De Jong JUMP KICKING XAVI ALONSO


  • John

    What would make Boyd is ahead of EJ? How many goals did EJ have for the national team last year and how many for Boyd?


  • Vincel

    Bradley should play up closer. He has offensive abilities , both scoring and set up passes.Who then would play the deeper mid field position ?


  • Capitan

    Brooks and Onyewu are not alike at all. Brooks is a very good passer and is mobile unlike Onyewu.


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