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USMNT 2, South Korea 0: Field-Level Highlights

Kyle Beckerman

Photo by ISIPhotos.com

  • USAmr

    This reminds me of something I noticed at the game….
    For a sellout there were sure a lot of empty seats.


    • AndyL

      It felt that way at the beginning of the game, but Stubhub felt pretty full to me by the 30th minute or so.


      • Brashwinder

        Agreed. Traffic always piles up whenever there’s a sellout and then the nearest parking lots are full so you’re forced to park and walk from half a mile away. That and of course LA crowds are always later arriving unfortunately. Great pro-USA crowd and the best one I’ve been to at StubHub/HDC Center.


    • AOSanJoaquin

      like andyl pointed out, the stubhub filled up around the 30th minute and was def a legit sellout. I assumed it was gonna be 70-30 Korean fans but it was at least 60-40 USA and easily the best US crowd at these January camp friendlies


  • KingGoogleyEye

    How many more posts are we going to have on this rather meaningless “victory”? Is this the sixth? fifth? There’s only so much milk in one udder.

    Sure, the match was important for a few players, but as Ives pointed out in his recent goal.com article, it did little to change the status of most players—including players like Wondowlowski who did everything right but are still low on the pecking order.


    • Onoda

      I tend to agree and I though it was a boring game for the most part. It also didn’t change my opinions on Wondowlowski; I like the guy, but imo we have better options for Brazil.


      • Onoda


        Also, this game said volumes more about the state of the Korean team than it did for us.


  • Dinho

    These “highlights” reminded me of a few things:

    1. Brad Davis was very poor in this game. His mistakes (and fouls) resulted in quite a few chances for South Korea.

    2. Zusi played very well. Very effective performance on both sides of the ball.

    3. We are incredibly lucky to be able to call Rimando our “Number 3” goalkeeper. Dude is solid.


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