Must-See Goals

Must-See Goal: Ricardo Quaresma

RicardoQuaresmaFCPorto1 (AP)

  • Gio

    Quaresma is one of those player who shines for a specific team, FC Porto. Getting his career back on track after a career low . Might start this World Cup with nani having a down year and youngster bruma injured. Quaresma is a frustrating player tho…sometimes he looks like he can destroy any defense and scores magical goals like this, and then other games he just is a shadow of himself.


    • Gio

      Makes ya wonder if adu can ever resurrect his career at DC united. Some players just play diff in certain jerseys.


    • Tony

      I remember a time when he was thought of as a better prospect than Cristiano Ronaldo when they both came up through the ranks at Sporting CF.


      • Gio

        I thought the same. 1 v 1 he was better, i think alof of ronaldo’s success has alot to do with his progress at man U.


  • PJC

    This was meant to be a service into the area I am quite certain. Still though it’s fun to see.


  • Annelid Gustator

    Agree with folks above. Sometimes he’s like a magician. Other times he’s like a ghost.


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