SBI Live Q&A

The SBI Live Q&A (Feb. 11th Edition)

ChrisWondolowskiUSMNT1-SouthKoreaGoalCelebration (Getty)


It’s that time again. Time to talk all things soccer in the latest SBI Live Q&A.

For the next few hours, we will talk about a variety of soccer topics ranging from MLS to the U.S. Men’s National Team, and Americans Abroad. We will also be talking some pop culture mixed in with the soccer.

Get your questions ready and join me after the jump:

    • Bobb

      One plays regularly and well (Packwood), the other can’t get a minute on the field (Lletget, although that is under Big Sam)…


    • ZZtoppppp

      If it’s not Brooks I have this feeling it will be Onyewu. There could also be 3 with Cameron providing cover as the fourth, which could free up an extra midfielder slot.


  • Sharkbait

    How can anyone call Game of Thrones “terrible”? I can understand it not being someone’s favorite show. I can even sort of understand if someone isn’t a huge fan and maybe even understand if someone doesn’t like it all that much. But think it’s “terrible”? What?!? The major motion picture quality production values alone should raise it above the level of terrible. How can any show be terrible with the great Charles Dance chewing through scenes like Joey Chestnut going through hot dogs. The Lannisters need to send their regards to Franco.


  • Bobb

    Chicago Fire really need attacking players?

    Mike Magee, Juan Luis AnangonĂ³, Dilly Duka, Alex, Chris Rolfe, Benji Joya, Harrison Shipp, Kellen Gulley… okay a couple of those are a reach but I think they’ll be fine. Half a dozen MLS teams should be more concerned.


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