U.S. Men's National Team

The SBI Show: Episode 111 (Talking MLS expansion, USMNT roster options, and more)



The official announcement of MLS granting David Beckham an expansion franchise in Miami made big waves in the media on Wednesday, solidifying a development that had been a long time coming.

On Episode 11 of The SBI Show, we discuss the Miami MLS expansion announcement, and what’s next for Beckham and his partners. From the big decisions that lie ahead, to what we might expect from Miami the second time around in MLS.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I also discuss the latest on Atlanta’s MLS expansion bid, and what markets are in the running to potentially be the 24th MLS team.

We also discuss the U.S. Men’s National Team, and what we might see from a European-based roster for next month’s friendly vs. Ukraine.

Give Episode 111 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

What did you think of the show? Excited about the Miami MLS expansion bid? What city would you like to see join Miami and Atlanta as the final expansion teams? Which European-based players would you like to see called in for the Ukraine friendly?

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  • Ryan

    It would be awesome if the blog posts announcing the new podcast episodes could also contain a brief index of what happens when.

    Something like

    1:00 – Recap the USMNT’s performance against South Korea
    15:40 – What players helped and hurt their stock
    27:10 – 2014 MLS Preseason results to date
    32:50 – Miami expansion talk
    45:45 – Atlanta expansion talk



  • Midwest!

    Why does Atlanta need to have a natural rival right from the start? How long has Chicago been in the league and the MLS isn’t babying them giving them a natural rival in Detroit or St Louis.


  • bryan

    Ives, you haven’t heard about Chandler’s aversion to flying? goal.com did an interview with the guy not that long ago and he said:

    “‘Yeah, that’s why it was hard. You fly all the time for 12 hours. I’m a guy that I can’t sleep on the airplanes. It’s a big problem for me,’ Chandler stated.”

    i agree most of it came down to his huge drop in form, but the guy made it clear he is not comfortable on airplanes.


      • bryan

        huh? i’m simply responding to Ives saying he never heard anything official that Chandler was afraid to fly.


    • Ives Galarcep

      Bryan, I’ve seen that article, and nowhere does it say he has a FEAR of flying. Nowhere does he say “I’m afraid to fly”. Chandler’s English isn’t great, so him saying long flights are a problem for him can be him saying he doesn’t like really long flights. What players actually like really long flights? None. Him saying “It’s a big problem for me” can be him saying that not being able to sleep on planes is a big problem for him. I’ve interviewed him enough times to know that his English isn’t great and making assumptions about what vague comments mean isn’t the wisest thing.

      When I see something tangible that lays out clearly that Chandler actually has a fear of flying, I’ll accept that. For now, all we have is an article with some vague comments that some folks choose to read as him being afraid to fly.


      • bryan

        thanks for the response Ives, love when you do this.

        let me start off by saying, it was a different bryan who sent that question in. i don’t want you to think i’m the guy who asked the question and can’t take your response without arguing.

        but the question was about “travel anxiety” and i think Chandler’s comments can be taken, even if his English is not amazing, to show he does have some anxiety or aversion to flying. afraid is probably too strong of an adjective, i agree. your comment just surprised me a bit regarding not hearing that story.

        other than that, i agree with you when you say him not being in camp had to do with much more than some aversion to flying.


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