You Write the Caption

You Write the Caption: Jurgen Klinsmann / Julian Green Edition

Jurgen Klinsmann Julian Green

Photos by ISIPhotos.com


Sunday marked the first day that Bayern Munich youngster Julian Green trained with the U.S. Men’s National Team, and while Green is spending just two days with the team, there is already plenty of buzz surrounding his arrival.

In honor of Green’s arrival to USMNT camp, we have dusted off the old SBI You Write the Caption Contest. After the jump, you will see a picture of a very happy Jurgen Klinsmann and smiling Green enjoying training in Frankfurt, Germany.

Check out the photo and offer up your own caption after the jump:

Clint Dempsey Jurgen KlinsmannJulian Green

“Yes Julian, even Clint knows German now. Right Clint?”

Now it’s your turn. Share your own caption for the above photo in the comments section below.


  • jmadsen

    1st pic: “Hmmmm…. I had always pictured God’s Gift to the US being a little taller”


  • GJJ

    First Pic. “I know, they’re horrid. We’re going to look like frickin sailing team or an eleven man tennis squad……………but can we try and get past that?”


  • Angel

    1st picture-

    Jurgen “Now try to look serious and not laugh when I tell you who you will try to beat out for a starting spot”

    2nd picture-

    Jurgen trying to hold in the laughter “Julian this is Clint the guy that is ahead of you on the depth chart and the one you have to beat out. He just got back from an amazing loan”

    Julian tried but couldnt hold in his laughter- “I will try my best”


  • donald

    second photo: ‘clint, do the face for julien. do the face. do the face.’


  • Philly Union Used to Rule

    Did you hear, Freddy Adu just agreed to a contract with Shakhtar Donetsk


  • donald

    picture 1: “and i hope that’s the last we’re going to hear about der kaiser beckenbauer this and der kaiser beckenbauer that”


  • justin

    Jurgen: Hope u bought nat gas futures and shorted the DAX over the weekend BC this Ukraine nonsense is gonna triple ur heating bill.

    Clint: This is why I left Europe in the first place


  • Joe+G

    1st picture…

    “Okay, Julian… try that again. ‘Oh, say can you see…”


  • QuakerOtis

    Cancelled. Seems like the Ukrainian team doesn’t want to play while domestic and global policits tear their country apart.


  • TomG

    Juergen: You ever been in a cockpit before?

    Julian: No sir, I’ve never been up in a helicopter before.

    Juergen: You ever…seen a grown man naked? Do you…like movies about gladiators?


    Juergen: Julian, have you ever been…in a Turkish Prison?


  • Expat4455

    1st photo: Klinsmann: “Okay, we will formally announce it the end of the month, until then we keep it between ourselves”.

    2nd photo: Idea (thought) bulb over Klinsi’s and Green’s heads. “We know something you don’t”.


  • Joe A.

    1st picture

    Julian: *thinks* Why is a german speaking with a new york accent?

    2nd picture

    Juergen: You know clint here knows how to rap

    Julian: I need to get out of here now.


  • dude1

    1st Photo:

    “Julian, forget them, forget all of them. The Germans supporters, the American supporters, the media. Look at me. Look into me eyes. My hazel, changeable eyes. Know that, whatever you choose- you just chose America didn’t you. If youreamericansaywhat? No takesies backsies!”


  • Brain Guy

    JK: “Clint, Clint, please oh please do that weird ‘Deuce’ face to entertain my new friend here. Please?”


  • soccerhorn

    Those grey training tops look sweet. Too bad that’s not the design for the primary WC kit.


  • blokhin

    1st photo: JK to Julian “Julian, thanks again for agreeing to this dog and pony show. If Bayern ever discards you and I’m coaching a mid-table Bundesliga side, I promise you a contract. Now try not to get hurt playing with these scrubs and go win a World Cup for Deutschland-I did it and you can too”

    2nd photo: “Hey Clint! I was just telling Julian about the exciting Hexagonal and Gold Cup wins! Tell him what it’s like to play Antigua AND Barbuda!”


  • Frank

    picture 1:

    Klinsmann: Julian, do you know what we need in order to defeat Germany,Ghana and Portugal at the WC?

    Julian: Belief, sir?

    Klinsmann: “Belief” is only my code word for crystal meth. That`s why we are here training in Germany – not because of you or the other German-Americans. We want to be close to our supplier, Madrigal Electromotive GmbH in Hannover. Why do you think Cherundolo is still so fit at the age of 35?

    Julian: But isn`t that illegal, boss?

    Klinsmann: Only if you get caught. I`m not the US coach for the money,Julian, I`m here to build an empire and to provide for the US soccer family.


  • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original

    KLINSMAN: You see Julian, under my tutelage Clint earned a $6 million/year contract.

    (Laughter all around.)

    KLINSMAN: No…seriously.

    (Julian falls on the ground and continues laughing.)

    JULIAN: (Catching his breath…) OK, OK, I’ll do the one time switch. I’ll play for US of A.


  • Jordy

    1st photo-“you know I’m one of the best goal scorers in history right?”

    “Yes Jurgen I am well aware. And you played for Germany.”

    “You could follow in my footsteps.”

    “You want me to play for Germany then to coach the USMNT?”

    “…I don’t think you have the belief to coach the USMNT!”

    “…I wish Michael Bradley was here.”

    2nd photo-Klinsmann, “Clint, give Julian another reason to play for us.”



  • Hush

    2nd pic

    Klins: Hey, Green.. Check out Clint wearing Alex Morgan’s tight jersey

    Green: heu hue ha You’re a funny man Mr. Klins.. But yes, shirt is definitely too tight sir

    Klins: Now if he could only play as tight as his tight jersey we would be in better shape

    Clint: Dawg, why you gots to be downing my swag yo!


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