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Defoe goal lifts TFC past D.C. United

JermainDeFoe (USATodaySports)


Jermain Defoe scored his third goal in his first two games as a member of Toronto FC to lead his new club Saturday to a 1-0 victory over D.C. United at BMO Field.

Defoe’s 60th minute finish proved to be just enough for the hosts, whose counterattack threatened throughout the afternoon. Michael Bradley led the build-up to Defoe’s game-winning finish, as the American found a streaking Gilberto deep in D.C. territory. The Brazilian designated player had his shot stopped by goalkeeper Bill Hamid, but the ensuing rebound found its way to the former Tottenham Hotspur striker, who calmly found the back of the open net.

Defoe’s goal was the culmination of a counterattacking effort that gave D.C. United fits all game. Alvaro Rey dribbled around D.C. defenders at will, while Defoe had his fair share of chances on the afternoon, including a flick past Hamid that hit the right post.

Bradley’s play in the midfield also caused problems for the opposing defense throughout the game. The 26-year-old’s passing skill was on full display, as the American international played distributor with a series of through balls that opened up the D.C. defense. 

The most worrying moment of the game for the hosts was a second half collision between Bradley and Davy Arnaud. The American midfielders butted heads while contending for a ball in the midfield, leading to Arnaud being taken off. Bradley bled from the side of his head, but continued after being bandaged up on the sidelines.

Overall, it was yet another strong performance from Toronto FC, who have earned the full six points from their first two contests. TFC will look to continue their perfect start when they head to Rio Tinto Stadium to take on Real Salt Lake next week. Meanwhile, D.C. United will look to pick up their first points of the season when they host the Chicago Fire Saturday.

Here are the match highlights:



  • Jack Del

    O/U on goals scored by DC United this year. I’ve got 10.

    Worst team in league history.


    • Nic D "the TX 2 Stepper"

      History is aong time and you forgot about CHIVAS REGALE USA that fast.


      • Increase0

        Worst team that might have been trying perhaps? Hmmm even that is harsh.


      • Ian

        Over 20, for sure. 90% of a striker’s success in MLS comes from his teammates’ service, and Defoe has service in bundles. Bradley, Gilberto, DeRo, and the other dudes will provide plenty of service.


      • Bongwater

        Any reason this is a unique freature of strikers “in MLS”? Typically this statement is true anywhere. And with the success Wondo and Keane have had scoring their typical glut of poacher’s goals in the past two years, I’m not even sure it’s all that comparatively essential in MLS. I might agree that “strikers like Defoe” require excellent service… he seems to flourish to a far better degree with strong enablers as compared to when he operates alone (which isn’t often to be sure).

        An even bigger factor is his ability to stay healthy given his age, and available given his possible participation in the World Cup, which remains very much likely given England’s dearth of proven strikers, and his continued and consistent selection under Hodgson.

        20 is a big number even if a guy is healthy and available 100% of the time. But I hope he does as validation of the move to MLS. Even 15 would be very credible, for me.


  • Nic D "the TX 2 Stepper"

    Bald Bradley has been a boss since he returned. Imagine if he had landed with Maidana and a ligers in Philly. Yikes! That would have been the best MF in all of CONCACAF


  • Enos

    Now that the fraud ownership group at Chivas has been outed DCU is up next. A once proud franchise has been mailing it in for a long time.


  • choto

    Some time by the end of June….. Coach Olsen – first coach fired during the season for beginning the season 0-10


  • NASL to El Paso tx

    MLS needs new blood of coaches. If you give an MLS coach a right staff and of course the right the DPs, you will end up with some good magic. Per se, Arena at galaxy is out of magic and Beckham has left a big hole in that team. In Seattle, god they need a real coach, not a old school MLS coach.
    At rapids, you have a rookie coach 🙂 lol
    But in reality, if you look at MLS coaches , they are all pretty young, with no experience and no tactics.


    • beachbum

      care to give some specifics on your no tactics claim? easy to say that as if you know something, I’m asking you to please give examples. what tactics do these coaches not understand that you are claiming? thanks


    • Ian

      Total nonsense from El Paso, as usual. Look at the last ten MLS Cup-winning coaches and tell me exactly why MLS needs so-called “new blood” coaches?


      • nasl to el paso tx

        This is not rocket science and i dont have time to elaborate, but ill say this, money talks and connections as well. Just wait till beckham gets his top coach with lots of experience, like bielsa or even ancelotti.


      • beachbum

        I hope for all that from Beckham too, for the league

        which has nothing to do with the simple question I asked you. Like you said, it’s not rocket science yet no time to elaborate on something so simple?

        ok then


    • JoeW

      El Paso….think through the “logic” of your post.
      1. Some of the most successful MLS teams (RSL, Houston Dynamo) are teams that have not spent money on DPs. You’re arguing that Kreis was successful at RSL b/c…he had Fraser and Cassar? Or that Kinnear was successful at Houston b/c he had Spencer? Or that Arenas success was due to having Sarachan and Onalfo?

      2. Let’s see who the young MLS coaches are:
      …Berhalter: played in MLS and internationally, coached internationally, new to MLS.
      …Olsen: got to an East final in his first full season, is under 40.
      …Nelsen: long-time Premiership team captain, WC experience, MLS experience, 1st full season as a coach.
      …Mastroeni: new head coach
      …Cassar: new head coach
      …Petke: starting only his second season as a coach.
      …Pareja: I think this is only his third season as a head coach.
      …Porter at Portland: again, a young guy who is relatively new to pro coaching.
      …Vancouver with Robinson: first year coach.

      It’s obvious that most of the coaches in MLS are “new blood” (for many of them, coaching in MLS is their first head coaching job in the pros). Diversity–other than experience with MLS, you’ve got a LOT of diversity. Just compare the background of Robinson with that of Pareja with that of Porter. Latins, Americans, Europeans, even a Kiwi. Long-time MLS vets vs. those who played here 2-3 years.

      As for the “young” with “no tactics,” how do you explain Arena (who is certainly not young and certainly has international experience)? Or Schmid (same as Arena–long time Olympic coach)? Both are examples of coaches you imply are failures yet both are not “new blood,” neither is young, both of a great deal of experience (college, MLS, international).


    • Ian

      To borrow a line from the Nutty Professor, “I don’t know whether to smile at him or kick a field goal!”


  • McAllen

    New blood of coaches? and what do you call Kreis,Petke, Porter,Robinson,Klopas,Pareja,Mastroeni,Nelsen,Berhalter etc.?
    Jason Kreis,started with no experience and created a great program at Salt Lake,Petke is doing great, and it speaks volumes for MLS that the majority of coaches are former players,who know the in and outs of the league.That’s a great recipe for success.
    And just after 2 games no one in his right mind would fire his coach


    • Gabe

      Yeah I agree. Plus, Caleb Porter can’t really be accused of having “no tactics.”


    • Alex

      Kreis is being used to justify a rash of inexperienced hires. His perfroamce is not bring replicated often. It’s different to lump someone like Porter in with guys who have very little / no experience prior to coming here. The old guard was tired and needed to be replaced, but this new group is just a nice way for MLS to save money. Some deserve to be there, but a lot don’t.

      Let’s not pretend the league hasn’t set itself up to be insular


  • D

    Not one highlight for DCU. I might buy the MLS direct kick package, just to watch Toronto this year, they look like one of the most complete teams MLS has ever had. If I could send my money directly to them I would.


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