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MLS Jersey Week Rewind: A look at all the new jerseys



Jersey Week is in full swing in MLS, with more than half the league’s teams having already released new kits for 2014.

The New York Red Bulls released their highly anticipated navy blue away kits at an event Tuesday night at Stage 48 in New York City. In addition to a new, larger Red Bulls logo, the shirt features the words “New York” along the lower hem in both the front and in large font.

New York’s two 2014 kits above, left to right for primary and secondary.

The Portland Timbers unveiled two new kits — a secondary, Rose City Red jersey and a throwback third kit — during a Monday night fashion show event at Pure Space in Portland’s Pearl District.

Much like last year’s secondary kit, the dominant color is still rose red, but this year’s features a black-to-red fade, which is meant to symbolize the opening of roses at the city’s famed International Test Gardens. The third is a retro-styled kit featuring the club’s green and gold colors.

The team’s three kits are below, left to right for primary, secondary and third:


The Seattle Sounders once again went bold with their kits unveiling, rolling out a “Pitch Black” third kit at the CenturyLink Field Pro Shop on Monday. The shirts have just a touch of bright green with three stripes down the sleeves and on the neck line. It also features the team’s badge in a 3-D feel.

The Sounders 2014 kits below, left to right for primary, secondary and third:


Houston went with a clean, white look for their secondary jersey at a season kickoff luncheon Monday at BBVA Compass Stadium.

Houston’s 2014 kits below, left to right for primary and secondary:


The L.A. Galaxy updated their signature sash on their primary jersey, unveiled on the team website Monday, going with 11 stripes to signify the XI players on the field. Last year’s quasars are still represented on the neck tape.

The Galaxy’s 2014 kits are below, left to right for primary, secondary and third:


The Chicago Fire unveiled their new primary kit at a kickoff luncheon Tuesday that features dark blue along the chest that lightens to make the team sponsor Quaker stand out in the front.

The Fire’s 2014 kits are below, left to right for primary and secondary:


The Columbus Crew revealed their all-yellow home jerseys Tuesday that feature a faded diamond pattern.

The Crew’s new kits are below, left to right for primary to secondary:


D.C. United kept a consistent look with an all-black home jersey revealed at a season-ticket holder event Saturday.

See the kit below:


The Montreal Impact unveiled their new kit during a supporters event at Olympia Theatre in Montreal on Tuesday night, that gives an ode to the club’s faithful with the Ultras Montréal motto of “Toujours Fidèles” (Always Faithful) found on the inside of the neck tape and on the outside of the neck tape is the team slogan, “Tous Pour Gagner” (All together to win).

Montreal’s 2014 kits, from left to right for primary, secondary and third, are below:


The New England Revolution released a new, sleek kit during a supporters event Tuesday night.

New England’s new kits are below, left to right for primary and secondary:


The Philadelphia Union unveiled a navy blue home uniform with gold stripes at a meet-the-team event Tuesday at a local restaurant.

The Union’s 2014 kits, from left to right for primary, secondary and third, are below:

FORMATTED_All3_4Defending MLS Cup champion Sporting Kansas City unveiled on Tuesday a hoops style away jersey in the team colors.

Kansas City’s 2014 jerseys, from left to right for primary, secondary and third, are below:


Every MLS team is unveiling new jerseys as part of 2014 Jersey Week in the days leading up to Saturday’s opening day. The Colorado Rapids and Vancouver Whitecaps are scheduled to reveal their jerseys Wednesday, while FC Dallas and Toronto FC plan to release theirs on Thursday.

The Colorado Rapids released their new burgundy home jersey on the team website Wednesday that features an embossed “C” on the chest. See the jersey below:

Rapids Jersey Drew Moor

    • taylor

      +1 those look sick

      also really like all of montreal’s kits and kansas city’s away jersey is classy


  • Mark

    Why does KC have their championship stars on top of each other? All others (DC, LA, etc) have them side by side.


    • jonk

      Because they are the reigning champs. The top star is also gold to signify that. Last year LA had their 4th on top of the other 3.


    • Alan

      Defending Champs always place gold star (last yrs Champs) above silver stars (all previous yrs Champs). Go back and look at LAs last year placement compared to DC placement


    • Eric

      The team who wins MLS cup wears a gold star above the crest and any previous stars for one season. After this “championship” season, the gold star drops down with the other stars. So next season, regardless of who wins MLS cup, Sporting KC will have two silver stars side by side above the crest. If they were to repeat, then another gold star would be above those. Similarly, the SS winner wears the Scudetto on the jersey the season following the award of the shield.


    • Tim

      I can’t see any stars on the NYRB jersey? Haven’t they been in the league since it started?


  • Kiphino

    Wish I lived in Portlandia. Fire’s new home jersey is awful. What color red is that? Does Adidas get a team’s input or not?


    • bbstl

      As someone that currently works as a graphic designer in the marketing department of a “4 Major Sports” team, I can tell you that the team (players, staff, etc) actually get very little input into the jersey. They can give overall ideas, but the marketing department has a lot of say based on projected jersey sales, and the manufacurer has the final say.


      • Eric

        Apparently Kansas City really challenged that practice and basically pushed Adidas into the design they wanted. But from what I understand, that situation was atypical.


      • bbstl

        That is good to hear! Letting accountants and marketing departments make decisions based on potential jersey sales is a dumb idea.


      • Kejsare

        But in the case of the Portland Timbers, with the North America Adidas HQ there, nearly all the designers of the Portland Timbers kits are season ticket holders. This was stated at the unveiling in Portland this week.


  • Brian Hall

    I don’t understand why there is an American and Canadian flag patch on the sleeve. I know some college teams do it but I don’t think any of the other major sports leagues in the US do iand certainly not other soccer leagues. Perhaps it would be cool if players could choose the flag of their native country to show the international diversity of the league.


  • soccerhorn

    On behalf of LA Galaxy supporters everywhere, I would like to continue to apologize for our third jersey. Hopefully it will disappear by the end of this season.

    On the other hand, like: Columbus away, Portland #3, KC away and 3, Philly home and away, Chicago away.


    • tdresderg

      So in other words, you could care less about the tradition of the club which is why fans overwhelmingly voted it as the third.


    • TimbersGary

      As with RSL, they weren’t a part of “Jersey Week” as they were already released.


  • Snare

    I think it would be cool if the jersey’s had representations for how many US Open Cups and Supporter Shields the teams have won, and not just the MLS Cup.


    • Snare

      And CCL when a team wins that. I know this could potentially be 4 different things on the jerseys, but I’m sure there is some way to make it work.


  • Huffleigh

    Good god, Nike must’ve rehired all their designers from the 90’s. Most of these are disasters.


  • Ben

    The red Timbers 2nd kit looks fantastic on the players with the shorts and socks. Check em out. Good enough to turn me into a full kit wanker!!


  • John

    When does adidas deal with MLS expires? I know it’s probably a long time from now and adidas gives the MLS exposure and money, but I’d love to see the teams separately reach deals with kit manufacturers.


  • Phil B

    SKC wins Jersey Week, hands down.

    Side note – Am I the only one who thinks the Revs are next in line to update their crest?


    • tw

      Agreed, they have the best, most varied kits, with Portland being a close second. KC’s 3rd is straight up awesome. Amazing how far they’ve come as a franchise.

      Chicago on the other hand has a disaster for a home kit.


  • MrMaxican

    ugh… Houston/DC/NE is sooo plain… hopefully Houston takes a risk next year with the 3rd kit. 2016 should be good though during some of the fan meetings we put it in their head to put out a 10yr anniversary kit


  • tw

    Montreal is also very under-rated. Nice done on that 3rd kit – one of the best in MLS.


  • Seattle Sounders 4 life

    I think it’s cool that Houston has their state flag on their jersey


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