SBI Live Q&A

SBI Live Q&A (March 14th Edition)

Clint Dempsey


It’s that time again. Time to talk all things soccer in the latest SBI Live Q&A.

Join me as we discuss everything from the MLS season to CONCACAF Champions League to UEFA Champions League. Want to talk about the U.S. Men’s National Team? Even want to talk TV, maybe some True Detective or The Walking Dead? We will talk plenty of soccer along with some pop culture.

Get your questions ready and join us now.

Submit your questions in the SBI Live Q&A, after the jump:

  • Han Solo

    Hey Ives –
    Lower Leagues – What makes USL and NASL think that two teams in the same city will survive? Oklahoma City? I can see NYC or LA, heck even Seattle, but OKC? I see one team moving.


  • Homero Simpson

    It is very difficult to see the US advancing. Our inexperienced centerbacks, coupled with an out-of-form Dempsey and Jozy make it more probable we will not advance, if not finish dead-last in the group.


    • Landon Klinsmann

      But you have to consider what we have compared to previous world cups. We have done well with worse, IMO. I was never a huge Boca fan. I loved his attitude and intelligence, and he gave his all, both sometimes he lacked the athleticism. When the dust settles I think Besler and Gonzo will do fine. Jozy is not out of form for the Nats, just look at his stats for USMNT games. Ukraine was a stinker but the whole team stunk and it wasn’t really the whole team playing anyway.

      We know what we are going to get from Germany but the real test will be whether we can take advantage of our chances with Ghana and which Portugal team shows up. It is a crapshoot but we could easily have 4 points after the first two games and then all bets are off.

      I just can’t share your cynicism.


  • big al

    Wishing for something doesn’t make it happen. Intill we have skilled players on Europe’s CHAMPIONS LEAGUE we will be 14/20 ranked.l don’t see us winning any games.Playing a #2,+#4 # one of the strongest African teams ain’t going to help us.


  • bryan

    pretty much agree with everything Ives said. but one thing i disagree with is it’ll be Johnson/Beasley so long as Beasley is healthy. i think it’ll be LD/Johnson on the left come World Cup time.


    • Landon Klinsmann

      I think Donovan, perhaps more than any other player including Dempsey, will need good club form this Spring if he wants to start.


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