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Must-See Own Goal: Izaldo

Izaldo (Getty Images)


Own goals are embarrassing enough, but Brazilian player Izaldo’s recent one might be as bad (or hilarious) as it gets.

Izaldo recently scored an own goal for second division Brazilian club Nautico and the manner in which the tally came is mind-boggling enough to make you repeatedly ask yourself just how it happened.

Izaldo first tried to clear a cross from the flank, but smacked the ball against the crossbar before it fell to an opponent. The ensuing headed pass was hit back towards the goal, and Izaldo mis-hit the ball into his own net while trying to flick it away from the goal line.

It was one of the most humiliating own goals in recent memory, and also a baffling one that is worth watching a couple dozen times.

Here is the own goal:

What do you think of Izaldo’s own goal? How many times have you watched it now? Is there a worse/funnier own goal than this?

Share your thoughts below.

  • SilverRey

    One way or another, that ball was coming off of him and into the goal. You can’t tempt fate like that!!!


    • Toe Ball

      I was thinking the same thing. He seems almost to be trying to put the ball in the goal.


    • Felix

      I thought the same – he seemed like he was trying to score that one himself one way or another.


    • Good Jeremy

      My thoughts exactly. The first one can be called clumsy, but I don’t see a way that his header was accidental. He was standing in place, it’s not like he was running and then got the trajectory of the ball wrong after it was too late to change course


    • THomas

      LOL! That is a great find. And to have that kid just laughing and jumping in your face makes it even better. Why is he there?


  • David

    This is good – it teaches the lesson that persistence pays off. However, my favorite remains the Real Sociedad v. Barcelona own goal from earlier this year.


  • Dave80

    He looks like me at over-50 trying to get my body to move as fast as my brain when coming back to the field from time away due to injury or lifegettinginthewayoffun – just a few inches short of where he needs to be and the ball goes the wrong direction. Both times, he seems just slightly slow at his response to trajectory. I don’t follow this team, so I have no idea if Izaldo is just coming back into form like that. The closeup photo up top makes him look young, tho.


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