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USWNT keep top spot in FIFA rankings as Germany closes in

Nicole Barnhart, Lauren Holiday, Abby Wambach, Sydney Leroux, Yael Averbuch


The U.S. Women’s National Team is still No. 1.

Despite taking a thrashing earlier this month at the Algarve Cup, the USWNT hold onto their No. 1 spot in the latest FIFA rankings released Friday. It marks the seventh year the USWNT has topped the rankings.

Germany, again at No. 2, has whittled down the USA’s lead to just 24 points from 72 after winning the Algarve Cup, while Japan holds firm at No. 3.

France, who the USWNT will host for a pair of friendlies in June, moved up a spot to a best-ever No. 4 as Sweden moved up one to No. 5 and Brazil fell two to No. 6.

England made the biggest jump in the ranking, moving up three spots to No. 8 and breaking into the top ten after a strong Cyprus Cup performance.

FIFA began ranking women’s national teams in 2003 and the USWNT ranked No. 2 until moving up to the top spot in 2007, which they’ve held since then. The next rankings will be due out in June.


What do you think of the latest rankings? Think Germany can overtake the USWNT? Think the new rankings reflect the quality of teams?

Share your thoughts below.

    • Increase0

      I’m gunna say Leroux’s other shoe turned into a goose and flew across the field and scored a goal. Everyone else seems really happy about it Leroux is kinda disappointed cause she rather liked that pair.


    • Tom Haverford

      I think they’re looking at my presentation of Snake Juice to the fans behind the goal.


      • Ann Perkins

        Tom, Snake Juice was banned by the FDA. Also, stop putting glitter in my laundry detergent.


  • kernel thai

    The term voodoo economics comes to mind. I dont see why this needs to be about anything besides wins, losses and draws with a strength of opponent factor.


    • RB

      The term you mention would apply so much better to the men’s FIFA rankings. The women’s FIFA rankings get it right via the Elo system, based on just what you list here.


  • manny rivademar

    I think Abby Wambaugh summed it up best when she said the continual movement of players that Sermani has embarked upon, has weakened the continuity of play. When you play with the same players day in and day out, the team as a whole acts in unison and the players are more comfortable with each other. I understand what the coach is trying to do. He is looking for the next generation of players and that’s a good thing. However, the play will not be the same due to the constant influx of new players. I feel that at one point all these call ups will stop and Sermani will have a good feel what is out there. then he will concentrate on his starting eleven and won’t deviate too much, unless of course injuries are involved. there will be some losses along the way but after awhile, it will stop and the U.S.A. women’s team will be their usual terror.


    • Duke

      And of course, if Tom scaled back that influx of new blood, who would benefit from that? Why Abby would… surprise, surprise

      The fact is we have to start thinking about the team of the future. Some, like Abby, are on the down side of the mountain and Tom needs to plan for life after Abby. Personally, I think Morgans absence is hurting us the most right now


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