The SBI Show: Episode 121 (Recapping MLS Week 1, talking Americans Abroad and more)

ChadBarrettWinner (ISIPhotos.com)


The opening week of the 2014 MLS season saw plenty of dramatic finishes, and impressive debuts and we recap it all in the latest episode of The SBI Show.

Episode 121 of The SBI Show takes a look back at all eight matches from the past MLS weekend, including Seattle’s last-minute win against Sporting Kansas City, and Vancouver’s impressive throttling of the New York Red Bulls.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I also discuss Americans Abroad, including Aron Johannsson’s latest goal-scoring exploits and Brek Shea’s controversial departure from Barnsley.

Give Episode 121 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

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  • Ryan in the cuse

    Listened to you guys give Maurice Edu and Michael Parkhurst rave reviews-maybe it’s just the one game bump but if these guys stand out on the MLS level it really make me realize how far MLS is below lower table English and German first division teams-it makes me worry going into the World Cup with the core of our backline as standout MLS defenders….overreaction?


    • Ryan

      Definitely an overreaction. You’re talking about the two best leagues in the world. Lower tier teams in the EPL or Bundesliga are probably better than most teams in France, Portugal, Holland, etc. If MLS is in the company of leagues like the Eredivisie, then I’m fine with that for the time being.


    • GW

      “it makes me worry going into the World Cup with the core of our backline as standout MLS defenders….overreaction?”

      Overreaction? Probably

      JK is nervous about Gonzo and Besler. You should be too. You notice he did not mention them in his spine comments and you notice he’s still trying out Gooch, Brooks and even brought in Packwood.

      Gonzo and Besler are international newbies. I don’t trust either of them. And for that matter Cameron is also a comparative international newbie, though I prefer him at center half to Gonzo. All three have had their fair share of brain cramps in a US shirt. And Goodson, Gooch and Packwood don’t remind anyone of Vidic and Ferdinand when they were in their prime.

      So worry about those guys but mostly because they are inexperienced at this level not so much because they play in MLS. For example if Parkhurst and Mo, two card carrying MLS players, get back to form and make the team they are a bit more proven at the international level.

      EPL clubs have more good players than MLS clubs. And those players, overall, probably have a higher talent level. This is not in dispute. More to the point the US is the least talented team in the Death Group.

      That does not mean that MLS level players can’t compete with EPL level players over the course of a few games. This is where you can take some hope. The World Cup is a maximum of 7 games and a minimum of 3 games.

      Over such a short time span the talent disparity between a team with MLS level players and a team with EPL level players can be overcome.

      World Cups are not just about talent levels. Brazil looks like it is going to be a crazy place for this World Cup. The good thing about the Death Group is that none of the other teams is South American. Ghana for example, has not done well outside of Africa.
      The two teams that adapt the fastest and the best to the unfamiliar surroundings will advance. The odds are against the US but the World Cup is all about upsets, it always has been so especially in the opening rounds.

      By the way MLS outfield players over the years such as Ryan Nelsen, McBride, Boca, Dempsey, Holden, Espinoza, and Cameron have proven MLS players can do well in the EPL.


      • Capitan

        JK is not nervous at all. He called up guys like Onyewu and Packwood because it was mostly an all Euro based roster, and he didn’t want to bother the MLS players because the new season was going to start soon.


  • Dace

    Dallas doesn’t hate you Ives, though your association with Garrett doesn’t help…kidding, good show guys!

    Come down soon though, unless you want to see what it’s like to go to a game in The Oven.


    • Ives Galarcep

      Not all of Dallas, just a few folks who love to talk trash on Twitter. It is what it is. I’ll get down there eventually.


  • Brad

    I love how Ives tries to act impartial to teams, when his Red Bulls are brought up, right after gushing about Portland for 15 minutes.

    Still one of my favorite soccer outlets though. Congrats on show 1-2-1.


  • timothy

    Hey, Ives, did you play a trick in us? You sounded better with the new microphone, but not so good this time. Garrett continues to come in loud and clear


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