MLS- Seattle Sounders

Sounders-Impact match postponed to Sunday due to inclement weather

Eric Miller Montreal Impact (Montreal Impact)


The Montreal Impact and Seattle Sounders will meet this weekend. It will just be a day later than originally planned.

The Impact announced Friday that their Saturday clash with the Sounders at Olympic Stadium has been moved to Sunday due to the inclement weather in the area. This is the first of 21 events held at the stadium during the winter months that has been postponed since 1999.

All tickets dated for March 22 will be valid the next day. They can also be refunded by April 11.

What do you think of the Sounders-Impact game being pushed back a day? Another reason you’re glad MLS doesn’t play during the winter? Does the delay play in any team’s favor?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Jack Del

    I think I want an article on the fact that Toluca has severely violated every aspect of integrity and trust in the game.

    They should forfeit points in their domestic league and be banned for a minimum of five years from CONCACAF Champions League play.


      • Jack Del

        Toluca was caught illegally video taping the Earthquakes training session–tactics, formation, etc.

        The Earthquakes filed a formal complaint against Toluca alleging violation of competition rules and several other things. Just so far beyond the pale.

        It’s going before the CONCACAF Disciplinary Committee.


      • Jack Del

        Apparently, yeah.

        Puts their coach’s laughable comments in a whole new light as well.

        Mexican soccer is really, truly embarrassing from an outsider’s perspective. Don’t really care how good their teams may or may not be.


      • beto

        The Mexican Bill Belichek had to watch hours of San Jose Earthquake footage… ouch


  • evan

    pretty funny that Toluca felt the need to spy on the Earthquakes, then the ‘Quakes play without all four of their starting defenders, Wondolowski was injured as well, and after all that Toluca still needed a blown offside call to advance from penalty kicks. And then the Toluca manager badmouths the ‘Quakes style of play. pretty embarrasing for Toluca…


    • Boyd

      How else is he supposed to know how San Jose plays? I can watch pretty much every Liga MX game on basic cable but probably just one MLS game a week.
      As far as San Jose’s style of play, pretty much every MLS fan agrees with him. Their style is MLS circa 1990. Just embarrassing.


      • John

        I’m sort of tired of this idea that passing it around that back with zero purpose is now playing the beautiful game the “right way”. Look up the line up San Jose had out there, Tolcua should have broken down that team with ease.


      • Birgit Calhoun

        Their style is honest soccer and “the beautiful game” is won any which way possible. I have seen some pretty ugly playing by a Mexican national team player to break Shea Salinas’ ribs. I have seen Lenhart’s three game suspension foul that really should have been looked at a little more carefully because the player who was supposedly fouled grabbed Lenhart’s foot so that Lenhart didn’t have a chance pulling it away. He couldn’t have kept from fouling the guy. Those shenanigans are practiced. The Dallas goalie fouled Wondo in the penalty box by elbowing him in the neck (should have been a penalty kick). Those things happened last year. The ‘quakes play a great entertaining game. Watch them win the season unless the refs influence the outcome. And betting plays a part in this, too.


      • Boyd

        Um pull your head out Boyd….an interenet connection and a subscription gets you every game.


  • milbo

    Go ahead– give SJ a ticket to the next round.. I’d like to see what is left of San Jose’s confidence after a team like Cruz Azul get done with them…


  • CSD

    Dome has a dodgy roof prone to collapse with snow accumulation. The facility is not very structurally sound and they don’t want to drop the cash to do a full renovation.


  • NASL to El Paso tx

    Why didn’t Montreal make something with a heated pitch, maybe a indoor stadium like schalkes or some small retractable roof stadium or a really good roof cover.
    Or, an underground soccer stadium. Doesn’t Montreal have a little underground Montreal city where you don’t even step out of to the cold. That would be freaking sweet 🙂
    For instance, if Seattle make a soccer stadium at memorial site, of course they will make it with a technology and even a retractable roof.
    If Vancouver makes a riverfront stadium, then it will have to have a retractable roof like seattle a or some kind of magic roof.
    At the end of the day, you need to make your fans and team a proper stadium.
    Look at fc Dallas stadium, look at rapids stadium, Montreal, Philly. You need to build strong and for the long term, why make something where your fans will toast or get wet.


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