SBI MLS Team of the Week

SBI MLS Team of the Week: Toronto FC

TorontoFCCelebrate1-Seattle2014 (USATodaySports)


Toronto FC proved in their season opener last Saturday that the expensive transfers to sign Michael Bradley and Jermain Defoe were worth every penny.

Two quick-fire strikes from Defoe and a superb all-around performance from Bradley and others helped lead TFC to an impressive 2-1 victory at the Seattle Sounders. TFC’s performance at CenturyLink Field earned them SBI MLS Team of the Week honors.

TFC beat out the Philadelphia Union, Chivas USA, and the Chicago Fire for this week’s honor.


What did you think of TFC’s performance? Which team stood out to you in MLS Week 2?

Share your thoughts below.

    • BCE

      Not really. What would have happened if this was middle of the season when TFC “gels”..lol.


      • Big Red

        Seattle technically used more players that weren’t on their team last year.

        Don’t see how Toronto can be team of the week when they couldn’t even string two passes together. Bradley goggles I guess.


      • beachbum

        they beat Seattle in Seattle…pretty simple to understand how they were chosen. You pretending not to get it is funny tho


  • NASL to El Paso tx

    Question, why in the world does MLS do national anthems. God get over them, and playing the Canadian and American anthem was so cheesy.
    I didn’t hear the Cuban anthem or British anthem right 🙂


    • Lorenzo

      I know right. It’s not like FIFA does it at all of its games or it’s an American tradition or something.


    • Dennis

      Interesting point, what does the NHL do? I really don’t know.

      I am pretty sure nearly every US based HS or college sport with a significant fan base (that means most football, basketball, maybe volleyball, perhaps baseball and at least college soccer do play the US National anthem before the games).

      There is some tradition there.


    • Drewbles

      Because that’s what the MLB and NBA have been doing for years when a team from Canada plays a team from the USA? Because both national anthems are great? Because why not?


  • david kent

    Tfc through Defoe snatched two nice goals,then take in pressure,Seattle was more polished and more team play ,however TFC hard to brake down,lots of veterans down the center of the field,and a good mix of younger players,in my mind Bradley was the best player,do to his superb first half,it won’t be easy but TFC will have a good year


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