Thursday Kickoff: Mourinho charged with improper conduct, Martinez shoots down recent Coleman reports, and more

Chelsea's Manager Jose Mourinho

Photo by ISIphotos.com


Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho’s decision to jump onto the field during Chelsea’s 2-1 defeat at Aston Villa has him in hot water.

Mourinho was charged on Wednesday by the FA with improper conduct and could face a fine of £10,000. Although it’s the second time that he’s been charged by the FA this season, Mourinho is unlikely to receive a touchline ban, according to reports in England. An independent commission will determine what sort of fine Mourinho receives. He has until 6pm local on Monday if Mourinho wishes to appeal.

The Chelsea boss became enraged at referee Chris Foy following the sending off of Ramires in second half stoppage time and entered the field of play to confront Foy. Foy immediately signaled for Mourinho to leave the field and go into the stands.

Here is more news from around the soccer world:


Everton manager Roberto Martinez does not expect Seamus Coleman to be leaving the club in favor of Manchester United any time soon.

Martinez has shot down recent reports that said Manchester was in advanced talks to signed Coleman. The Republic of Ireland right back has enjoyed a solid season under Martinez, scoring seven goals for the Toffees, and has reportedly caught the attention of United manager and former Everton boss David Moyes.

Martinez said, however, that Everton have not held discussions with anyone regarding Coleman.


Netherlands head coach Louis van Gaal hopes to be coaching in the EPL this fall.

Van Gaal, 62, has confessed that he would like to manage a top team in England’s first tier once he leaves his post as Netherlands head coach after this summer’s World Cup. The Dutchman has Champions League, Primera Division and Bundesliga title on his resume, and previously coached Barcelona.

Van Gaal has been linked in recent times with the managerial job at Tottenham.


Josip Simunic will miss out on the World Cup after losing an appeal with FIFA, meaning his 10-match ban for discriminatory behavior is still intact. (REPORT)

FIFA investigator Michael Garcia will interview the 12 remaining FIFA Executive Committee board members who were on the committee during the 2022 World Cup bidding process. (REPORT)

Zenit St. Petersburg unveiled Andres Villas Boas as new manager, and he’s eyeing a Russian title. (REPORT)

Xherdan Shaqiri’s brother and agent Erdin Shaqiri said that in the summer the Swiss international will listen to offers from other clubs in a search for regular playing time. (REPORT)

Tim Sherwood says that he expects to be managing Tottenham next season. (REPORT)


What do you think of Mourinho being charged with improper conduct? Think it is a good move for Everton to keep Coleman? Do you believe van Gaal would do well in the EPL?

Share your thoughts below.

  • go euro or go home

    I loathe Mourinho, but he has a point here about refs not having to explain their decisions or performance. Players and coaches have to stand in front of the media and answer questions about their performance, but not refs. Why?


    • ManicMessiah

      I don’t know that I want them talking to the media, no one wants to here about good decisions so you are basically sending them to get slaughtered.

      However, they should be required to describe the type of infraction that is being called. There is a book of laws they are going by, it should not be a mystery which law you think they are breaking. Heck, let the 4th official wear a mic and announce it to the crowd, you don’t even need to stop the flow of play to do it.


      • Matt C

        totally agree, even if they don’t require the ref to go explain a controversial call to the manager during a game, at least explain it in a report after the game. (See US/Slovenia disallowed goal).


    • Older & Wiser

      Because referee performance is evaluated by their assigning authority and if they screw up royally, they don’t get high level assignments for a while. Having the ref need to explain his decisions in, for example, a post-game “presser” is an invitation to undermining a referee’s authority on the field.

      Try it some time and you’ll see how easy it is to make split second decisions in an up-tempo environment. Yes, the referees are professionals, but, yes, they are human as well. They are going to make mistakes. That is and always has been a part of the game. Learn to live with it.


      • Matt C

        Agree they should not be submitted to a presser. That would be a nightmare.

        but they should explain controversial calls in a report. Who fouled whom? Minimally, what the call was. For example, on the Edu non-goal, what was the foul? Pretty simple. And what was the foul is what the referee assessor would be asking to himself too.


      • Jack Del

        That is how it works now. Referees also write down the rules and assessment of the situation. It’s one of the ways they are rated and overseen.

        It’s also how we’ve wound up with that ridiculous rule that if a referee sees something and makes note of it in his game log, further punishment can’t be taken later.


    • Sankt Pauli!

      Exactly. I’ve been talking about this for years with peers, mostly concerning the NBA but football as well.

      Referees, arguably, have as much an impact in a game as players or coaches do. I think most ppl have seen a game where a referee has completely destroyed a game.

      Referees should be required to do press conferences after games. There isn’t any transparency here when there obviously should be.

      Their basically the long arm of the leagues and should have to account for their decisions.

      Their should be a point system of sorts where referees decisions are reviewed by an elected council and referees with the most accurate and appropriate calling in games are rewarded for their precision and appropriate calls accordingly. Or perhaps their wages are are negotiated based on their end of year marks, just like any other group inside the sports (players, coaches execs.)


  • Spencer

    I watched the interview after the game and all his points were very valid. You shouldn’t be winning or losing games because of the ref. One of these days refs will be held accountable for their actions


    • Jack Del

      Those poor hard done by players. How will anybody protect them from the big bad reffy weffy.

      Here’s a solution.

      A. Don’t commit a second yellow offense.
      B. Don’t come in late to a tackle with studs exposed and stomp on a player’s knee.
      C. Don’t come on the pitch if you’re not allowed to be there.

      All three of the referee’s big decisions were spot on correct. Mourihno came onto the actual field of play during a game.


      • Matt C

        Jack, you’re missing the point. This is Chelsea and The Special One. Silly you.


  • Matt C

    Yes, this is all nice news, but why nothing—-no updates…no nothing..about Julian Green?


  • Expat4455

    Big article on Julian Green in today’s edition of Süddeutsche Zeitung.

    On front page of sports section is a large photo of Green, with the headline: “Brasilien staat Buchbach”, “Brazil instead of Buchbach (team Bayern II played on Sunday). They are giving Klinsi all the credit. For instance, saying: If Klinsmann wants something he can be very very very very (yes, 4X sehr) tenacious. (also could be translated, persistent, stubborn, obstinate)

    Quoting Julian: “Klinsmann gave no guarantee but he has said that I have a very good chance to go to the World Cup”

    Quoting Hansi Flick: We have promised Julian full support in DFB (German Nat. Team), that he can make it with us in the future (indicating not in 2014).


    • Expat4455

      Oh yeah, one more point from the article.

      Quote: Gedion Zelalem is a very gifted defense-man …..to play but DFB should worry because Zelalem can also play for the U.S and as we said, Klinsi can be very stubborn.


      • slowleftarm

        Zelalem can’t play for the US at the moment because he isn’t a citizen. My understanding is that he is eligible to become a US citizen but then would lose his German citizenship and that would be problematic because he’d then require a work permit to continue at Arsenal. I also understand that, due to a quirk in the FIFA rules, if he played for German youth teams without first being a US citizen, he would be eligible for a future one-time switch.

        I think Zelalem could be a great addition and I wouldn’t have a problem with it since, unlike Green, he’s actually lived a decent amount of his life in the US and learned the game here. Looks unlikely to happen though.


      • Expat4455

        Yeah slow, I think Süddeutsche Zeitung went overboard on the Zelalem item.


      • GW

        Zelalem grew up here and apparently really wants to play for the US but his family moved with him once he got signed by Arsenal so he has no residence in the US, unlike Fagundez who still lives here with his parents..

        He could re-establish that but it could get involved; still he is only 18 I believe and if playing for the US is something he really wants to do then he should get with JK and they could work out a strategy.

        It probably won’t happen though because he will miss 2014 and probably 2018 if he waits on his US passport. Playing for Germany seems more likely unless he wants to wait until 2022.when he would be 26-27 and have missed the prime of his career.

        Then again stranger things have happened.


      • Boyd

        By 2018 our MLS academies will be cranking out better talent than him, right?


      • GW

        If he is what they say he is by that time he should be the next Cesc Fabregas.

        I’ll leave it to you to tell us whether MLS academies in 2018 will be producing that level of player.


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