U.S. Men's National Team

USMNT drop one place to No. 14 in latest FIFA rankings

USA Starting Eleven

Photo by ISIPhotos.com


The U.S. Men’s National Team fell one place in the March FIFA Rankings to No. 14 following their 2-0 defeat to Ukraine.

Now sitting between No. 13 Greece and No. 15 Chile, the USMNT were penalized for their defeat last month. Another reason for the one-place fall is that the USMNT’s 2-1 victory against El Salvador in March 2010 is now outside of the FIFA ranking calculations.

The U.S. still are the highest ranked nation in CONCACAF, ahead of No. 20 Mexico, No. 19 Panama, No. 34 Costa Rica, and No. 36 Honduras. Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, and Honduras each moved up places in the latest rankings.

Belgium moved into the top ten in the rankings, swapping with the Netherlands, who are now No. 11. The top ten is lead with Spain followed by Germany, Argentina, Portugal, Colombia, Uruguay, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil, and finally Belgium.


What do you think of this news? Do you agree with the ranking? Surprised the U.S. didn’t drop further? Do you expect them to move after their match against Mexico on April 2?

Share your thoughts below.

  • brent

    US should probably be between 20-30. Rankings are whack! What do you all think? All about the world Cup anyway.


    • Onoda

      It’s far from perfect but I actually like having these rankings. I don’t think we should be rated so highly. Between 20 and 30 seems to be about right.


      • James

        Agreed. They aren’t perfect, but they give you something that at least first glance tells you the relative strength of a given team.

        US is a bit overrated – I’d put them somewhere between 15-25, depending on whether they decided to show up on a given day.


      • Alex H

        You are all idiots just like FIFA. Anybody with half a brain knows that we should be ranked 11th!!!!!!


  • Andrew

    New jerseys are the ugliest since ’94 world cup. Why look to golf for inspiration?


    • Strider257

      You can’t call the new USMNT jersey ugly, something has to have some kind of style before it can be ugly. These are just PLAIN. Who on earth accepted this lame design from Nike? Someone should be job hunting now.


      • SilverRey

        Now the away kits, those you can call ugly! Can you say Rocket Pops!!


      • JayAre

        The away jersey looks way better! We are working with the national colors red white and blue. That looks like a keeper to me.

        In other news altidore is learning to bend his knees in team photos. That’s always a plus


      • usaalltheway

        You are so right about Jozy!!

        I always thought the same…”Why doesn’t he bend his knees?”.


      • usaalltheway

        Strider257 makes a good point.

        Plain is the word. Ugly, not so much.

        Still, these new kits sucks.


      • AcidBurn

        Awful, this is just awful. Looks like some kid’s design project, or someone had some left over red, white and blue cloth which they hastily slapped together.

        By the WC the USMNT will be known as the Rocket Pops. Ugh.


  • Sarasota

    The terribly bland and boring polo uniforms are worth a 10 point drop alone! And it’s just harder to run in the extra long pants. Bad job by Nike all the way around. Too bad Julian Green isn’t in the mix. I hear he has great speed — something we need more of.


  • Paul6

    Off topic, but man, I love having Fabian Johnson on the USMNT. He’s going to kill it at the World Cup and then with Borussia Mongladbech (borussia mönchengladbach, after googling).


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