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Altidore's nightmare season at Sunderland hits bottom, leading to the question "What's next?"

Jozy Altidore of Sunderland


With a month left in the English Premier League season, the final verdict on Jozy Altidore’s first (and potentially only) season at Sunderland can be issued.

Even if he somehow climbs out of Gus Poyet’s doghouse, and earns some playing time, and even finds a goal for the first time in 2014, Altidore will find it difficult to avoid his first season at Sunderland being called anything but a failure.

Poyet’s latest benching of Altidore, which even included him getting a run-out in a Sunderland U-21 match, made it clear the U.S. Men’s National Team striker is not in his plans. With relegation looking unavoidable for the Black Cats, Altidore finds himself facing the very real prospect that he will be joining a new club this summer.

In my latest Goal.com column, I take a look at Altidore’s Sunderland saga, and what could lie ahead in the coming months for the beleaguered striker.

What do you see being next for Altidore? Think there’s any way Altidore stays at Sunderland? What league would you like to see him go to if he leaves? See a return to the Dutch League making sense? Think he should come to MLS?

Give my Altidore column a read and let us know where you think Altidore should go next, and how you see him doing at the World Cup, in the comments section.

Share your thoughts below.

  • El Homer Simpson

    Kind of a crazy idea, but if Everton gets to the Champions League, they would be pretty good fit for him as they will need depth. Granted, he will probably not start, but Martinez is a great coach who can get players in good spots. And oh yeah, they give service to the forwards.


  • Dan

    What’s next is Jozy gets kicked off the USMNT. That is what needs to be done! the guy is totally worthless!


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