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U-20 USMNT fall in Dallas Cup final to River Plate

Tab Ramos

Photo by ISIPhotos.com



After enduring an emotionally and physically draining victory in extra time, the U.S. Under-20 Men’s National Team ran out of gas in Sunday’s Dallas Cup final.

Facing River Plate for the second time in this year’s prestigious youth tournament, the U.S. fell, 2-0 in the final at the Cotton Bowl, settling for second place. Forward Lucas Boye scored both goals for River Plate as they took home the Gordan Jago Super Group crown.

The match on Sunday was delayed twice due to lightning, first just prior to the start of the second half and then again around 20 minutes into the half.

The U.S. U-20s were missing three starters from the team that defeated River in their Dallas Cup opener, 3-2. Paul Arriola had been recalled to Club Tijuana, Erik Palmer-Brown was suspended due to the red card picked up in the semifinals, and Kellyn Acosta made the bench after playing 90 minutes for FC Dallas on Saturday.

US Under-20 Starting XI: Steffen; Moore, Miazga, Amick (Felipe, Acosta), Dainkeh, Vazquez, Gooch, Gall, Rubin, Spencer, Allen

River Plate Starting XI: Batalla, Carreras, Barboza, Vega, Dho, Sánchez, M.Quarta, Zúñiga, Arario, Kaprof, Boyé


What do you think of this result? Disappointed? Proud that they made it to the final? Who impressed you during the tournament?

Share your thoughts below.

    • Ted Tran

      I read somwhere that River Plate didn’t bring their best players, but some would say the US didn’t either.

      Wished we would get invited to the Toulon Tournament instead of playing these mickey mouse tournaments.


      • James

        Dallas Cup ain’t exactly a Mickey Mouse tournament. I also think their (US U-20’s) attendance was a practical choice, given it’s proximity to many of the player’s clubs, giving the team a chance to play competitive games together w/o huge travel issues.


      • Casey

        Could be argued both ways since some of the players on River are getting first team minutes.


  • Bigtime

    Never ceases to amaze, the US boys were robbed of a goal that would have made it 1-1 and completely changed the game. Ref calls offside when a river plate defender was on the goal post/touch line making it impossible to be offside. Really was pathetic.


    • Dinho

      Was the keeper behind the last man, too? If not, and the player on the goal line was the only player between the man and the goal, then he was, indeed, offsides. I’m just speculating here.


      • Landon Klinsmann

        you can’t be “offsides”, you are either “offside” or “onside”


    • Joey Chestnut

      Yeah that was stupid (Think Maurice Edu being called offside in the World Cup). Definitely onside.


    • Watson.

      Never ceases to amaze me how somebody always complains about the referee.
      According to some people we’ve never lost a game. We’ve always been robbed.


      • slowleftarm

        Yes it is amazing, but in his defense, fans of pretty much every team do this.


      • Just win baby

        Unless you saw the game or play in question you wouldn’t know if he has a case to say that they were robbed of a legitimate goal.


  • Scott e Dio93

    I am huge River Plate, so I knew these kids are already pro-soccer players, at age 8-10. While some of under 20’s USNT defenders looked true amatuers, and the midfielders lost their “cool”, still some players from under 20’s deserve to be pick-up big club like River, Newell’s, Danubio or Sao Paulo (these clubs among the best in youth product).


      • Scott e Dio93

        My father was playing Maldonado (in Uruguay) youth teams, at age of 7years old.


      • Paul

        I think he means training in professional environment not necessarily professional, but I get your sarcasm (unless I am reading it incorrectly). That being said, while I think better teaching is necessary, I’m not sure I like 8 yr olds being in professional training environments.


      • Scott e Dio93

        Food, education (clubs are also schools), a bit spending money on holidays, and vacations. Some the kids are sons from club members, some kids are scouted from near towns.


  • Scott e Dio93

    River Plate has a modeling school and acting school, so River scould give some schoolarships to kid’s kin.


  • Marcelo

    As if taking the national team to a club tournament is not embarrassing enough we still manage to lose the championship.
    Next time let’s try to pick some easier competition. Maybe the women’s bracket.


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