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Green discusses switch to USMNT, looks forward to Mexico match

Julian Green

Photo by Michael Janosz/ISIPhotos.com

    • Increase0

      A lot of the Bayern Players speak English. Matts Hummels is pretty much fluent. I’m actually impressed with the education a lot of the players on the continent have. We could do better really. All MLS products should be learning at least 1 other language.(probably Spanish or a third if they already speak it)


      • GW

        Donovan speaks German, Spanish and some English. Mikey speaks Dutch, German, Italian and New Jersey. Bedoya speaks Spanish and some form of English.

        Many USMNT players have been multi lingual over the years and not just the ones who were born elsewhere.


      • Increase

        Ya, but its after the fact. I was thinking in the development stage. It would help in transitions to a new culture/country.


      • Daniel

        Every German has to learn English at school (and going to school is compulsory, home schooling forbidden).

        Universities are for free in Germany – but you have to speak at least 2 foreign languages (usually English plus French/Italian/Spanish) in order to be allowed to enter a university programme.


      • EA

        Most people in the US can barely speak, read or write English, and regard folks that don’t speak “American” as communists.


  • CCJC

    Is it me or does he sound like a mash-up version of Jermaine Jones and Terrence Boyd?


  • Neal

    Anyone notice the lighter shades on the crest at the very beginning of the video?
    Almost looks like the USSF changed the crest to match the away jersey rather than change the jersey to match the crest.


  • Hippocrates

    So should we call Julian by his name in the way he pronounces it, or the way that would be more conventionally English?

    I am guessing he calls himself “Yulian”.


  • Micah King

    Man I hope he scores or assit coming on as a sub. The kid has great potential and I look forward to seeing with the USA Nats in the future. GO J Green! and GO USA!


  • Central Scrutinizer

    I see he is excited, but missed the part where he discusses the switch. The headline is misleading.


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