Must-See Goals

Must-See Goal: Djibril Cisse

DjibrilCisseBastia2 (SoFoot)

    • Increase0

      That’s pretty slick gotta say the camera quality is weird. It feel like 1993.


  • SilverRey

    That was full volley too! It’s not like he side footed that thing in – it was BLAZING!! The keeper doesn’t even flinch let alone have any reaction!!


  • hm

    he should be in MLS. he’s only 32 and quite a consistent goal scorer since those years of heavy injuries,

    Pay him 2 million a year and he can get you 15 goals a season


  • fischy

    Great volley to be sure, but that 50+ yd assist deserves a heckuva lot of praise, too.


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