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Watson leads FC Dallas in rout of 10-man Dynamo

Watson FC Dallas ISI


The lone season match of the so-called Texas Derby turned into a Texas Nightmare for the Houston Dynamo, who were handed a humiliating 4-1 home loss Saturday by FC Dallas after a late game-changing red card.

The Dynamo looked poised to hand Dallas their first bit bad luck this season with a close first half, exchanging a goal each. But a straight red card in the 60th minute touched off a three-goal rally for Dallas in just eight minutes.

Chasing after Fabian Castillo up the left flank, David Horst slid from behind to catch Castillo’s feet, drawing the red and dropping Houston to ten men. The awarded free kick taken by Michel to the head of Je-Vaughn Watson and past goalkeeper Tally Hall signaled the beginning of Houston’s demise.

Once FC Dallas took the 2-1 lead with the man advantage, the Dynamo fell apart. A few minutes later, Giles Barnes scored an own goal trying to keep Watson away from a corner kick. Two minutes later, Watson got his second goal from a Mauro Diaz assist.

Even Houston’s lone goal off a Brad Davis free kick to the head of Ricardo Clark in the first half came with bad news. The foul that resulted in the free kick left Davis walking gingerly on his right ankle and the U.S. National Team winger had to be subbed out minutes later.

On the other end, Dallas goalkeeper Chris Seitz had a phenomenal game, holding the Dynamo at bay through the first half as the Orange got the better of chances and saving a second-half penalty kick by Oscar Boniek Garcia.

The win keeps FC Dallas in first place in the Western Conference and increased their unbeaten streak to five matches as they look to host the Seattle Sounders next week.

The Dynamo will try to turn things around next week when they head to New England to face the Revolution.

Watch match highlights below:


    • Increase0

      A lot of people seem to think that Red shouldn’t have been one. I think it could be easily be a red. I have seen that called in the EPL and La Liga.


      • Amru

        I’m glad the red was given simply because it’s those type of tackles we all want to see eliminated from MLS anyway.


      • Hogatroge

        Dynamo fan here… Totally a red. While not directly behind, he tackled from a rearward angle, and got none of the ball.

        Horst is a loose cannon, for sure.


  • Jason B

    Yeah it was a red. It was late, behind, and he brought his trailing leg up. Mls usually only gives yellows for that, but it’s definitely red worthy. The dynamos complacency during the offseason is starting to show. But hey, maybe Dallas is the real deal..,, hopefully not.
    Let’s go dynamo!


    • Increase0

      He should have just pulled him back with his hand. It was already on Castillo’s arm. It would have been a nice clean tactical foul.


  • Darwin

    So, Diaz draws the penalty and assists two goals…looking like a future all-star, and an MVP candidate every game.


  • Dace

    Great game until the red. It was the right call, though still harsh. Like Amru said above, it’s the sort of tackle that’s needing to get phased out of the game. I don’t think it ever will be entirely, you’re always going to get the occasional hot-head who’s just frustrated or aggrieved enough to make a stupid tackle.

    Mauro and Fabian look great, but the whole team seems to be cruising. I love that we’re starting to rotate our lone striker so early, keeps everyone fresh and minimizes risk of injury, which Blas has been prone to. I’m hoping with this rotation and the lack of Panamanian NT matches, we can keep him fit through the entire season (I’ve just knocked on wood…) and into the playoffs.


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