SBI MLS Awards

SBI MLS Goal of the Week: Hector Jimenez


photo by Michael Burns/ISIphotos.com


    • automata

      I think you’re thinking of Gonzalez. I don’t recall Jimenez doing anything to justify that comment, but Gonzalez gave his best effort to get sent off again this week.


  • Ian

    Nice goal. Jimenez doesn’t score a lot of goals, but I remember him napping a couple clutch, point-saving goals for LA. Glad he’s doing well in Columbus.


  • Dainja

    Man, this goal is all about Trapp to me. The video doesn’t show the few seconds before it, but he chases Espindola down from behind, tackles it away saving the ball, pushes the ball to midfield then drops the ball in Jimenez’s lap from across the field.



  • SilverRey

    Was it just me or was Berhalter directing that celebration towards Olsen? Did anybody catch any interaction between the benches during the game? I’m sure Benny was a little vocal during the Gonzalez incident. I wonder if any of that spilled over towards GB? There were probably some words exchanged when Anor was sent off.

    Great shot by Jimenez, he saved the game. It was definitely due to Trapp’s hard work and vision that he even had the chance though. I hope he’s not out for too long.


  • skyman

    I can’t help but notice the near empty stands. Very disappointing, for a soccer specific stadium and a good team that plays nice football. What’s up Columbus?


    • David

      Attendance was pretty decent last year ( around 15,000 I think) but Anthony Precourt took over ownership and then it was going to be announced Crew games would be televised on the cable channel TWC Sportsnet, a channel that is not widely available to everyone in the area. That obviously pissed a lot of Crew fans and I believe in response many of them have refused to attend games.


    • LarryB

      Actually our opening game was actually pretty well attended as well as this game in question. I believe a lot of fans started leaving after the red card that was given to Anor late in the match. I am not 100% sure though as I had to leave even earlier because it was damn cold and our young son was with us.


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