U.S. Men's National Team

The SBI Show: Episode 140 (Talking USMNT camp, Previewing MLS Week 11, and more)

Michael Bradley Julian Green

 Photo by ISIPhotos.com


The U.S. Men’s National Team has kicked off training camp ahead of the World Cup and the latest episode of The SBI Show breaks down what to watch for in the coming weeks at Stanford University.

Episode 140 of The SBI Show discusses the roster battles that will be taking place, and discusses the 30 players chosen to take part in the camp. We look at those players who just missed out, and those who surprisingly made the cut.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I also break down MLS Week 11, including the Philadelphia-New England clash and Real Salt Lake’s battle with Rocky Mountain rival Colorado.

Give Episode 140 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

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      • Increase

        Should have posted this early but I tried not to. However bad history bothers me.

        Woodrow Wilson was not an isolationist. He rather intentionally got involved in WW1 so he could influence the peace process. He is the father of progressive interventionism in US foreign Policy. He conceptualized the League of Nations and is ultimately responsible for the UN. This particular ideological approach to US foreign policy is often known as http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilsonian

        Jefferson could be consider our true isolationist idealist president but he kinda also wanted everyone to be Yeoman farmers and I don’t know that its really viable at this point.


      • Jared

        Yeah, that whole libertarianism sideshow was pretty silly. Definitely stick to roundball.


      • phillypride

        They shouldn’t ignore the world beyond the game, but they should at least be prepared to speak somewhat knowledgeably. Not that I want to US to go to war with Russia either.

        The kind of politics we need is a huge campaign to protect the workers in Qatar.


  • Doktoramor

    Enjoyed the show and appreciate the apologies on the missing midweek show. However, I think the producer/political pundit needs to be reeled in – just focus on putting out a show without sound glitches or bogus geopolitical commentary.


  • User222

    A couple nights ago I saw on ESPN Classic a replay game between USA & Ukraine.

    Danny Williams subbed in the 79th minute and played all 11 plus 2 minutes of extra time. I made it my goal to see how he got “injured” as news reports have claimed he got injured playing for country in the Ukraine game. His last play with the ball was a lively run and I never saw him limp or fall down or in any kind of discomfort while on the field.

    Did he get injured playing for club and kept quiet to get a chance against Ukraine?

    Too bad because I rate him higher than Beckerman and Edu. Both Becks and Edu should be done with this WC and D.Will should be a shoo in for Copa America Centennial.

    Good show guys… please keep us informed (news/pictures/shows) with developments in Palo Alto.


    • Bac

      There was an article about 2 weeks ago that his knee injury may be worse than originally thought and may require surgery. He even said he’d kinda given up hope on getting called up. Seems the knee just wouldn’t heal up, and even though he played a few more times the swelling stayed and they were gonna decide on surgery in the off-season


  • AMP

    I mean, take your time, don’t rush it, dig through the numbers, double check the results… but, don’t forget about the roster prediction contest. The winner might have given all of his or her scarves away to the even more poor, in preparation to receive a signed USMNT scarf from the SBI Show.

    The sound quality and the little noises here and there don’t bother me, but why not get an audio engineer intern, or something like that? I think a half an hour show twice a week, would be purrrrrfect.


  • MikeV

    Brazil will win the WC. They have not lost at home since 72. Something like 59 international game win streak.


  • Ah

    Good show. Highlight was the long pause near the beginning for what sounds like a massive bong hit by Ives. Seriously, though, thanks for the show as always.


  • Bac

    Ives, here’s a question I can’t find the answer to, maybe you can help:
    How many of the World Cup teams are bringing in the full 30 man roster to training before naming their final 23 vs. those who are just bringing in 23 even though they turned in their full provisional roster?
    I don’t care who, I’m just curious how many…


  • Birgit Calhoun

    I don’t get any sound even though the graph is showing that there should be sound.


  • Ronaldo Messi

    My insightful comments are deleted because they speak the truth about the state of disarray the USMNT is in because Klinsi decided to exercise his executive powers by undeservedly bringing to camp Yedlin and Green ahead of many other players who contributed to this team’s qualification for the WC. I repeat this move will bring dissent and some descent if he dares to include either one of these to untested player in the final roster. We will see a 0-0-3 WC for USMNT while Mexico laughing all the way to quarterfinals will cement their position as number one in CONCACAF.


  • PD

    ESTIMATES OF 4000 deaths in the run up to FIFA2022.

    That is unconscionable. For all of the other things that make opposition to this location seem xenophobic, sour grapes, pro club over country, this trumps all of it. To put it in perspective, this estimate rivals the body count of 9-11, and I for one don’t think it’s overly or needlessly dramatic to use that as a comparison. Soccer fans NEED to consider being very vocal about boycotting this–starting now.

    #BoycottFIFA2022 #nogameisworthdyingfor


  • Dace

    Well, at least Ives was right about Dallas breaking our losing streak…too bad we couldn’t take the three points. I feel like a broken record at this point, but the officiating was suspect once again. Soft fouls on both sides, fouls not called, etc.

    The Watson goal could have gone either way, I’ve seen ARs call that onside. We were pretty hard done by not to come away with the three points, but the fact that we turned up the pressure in those last 15-20 minutes and were able to sustain it, good sign. Small comfort considering the month we’re having but it would seem as though Oscar has stopped the hemorrhaging and now the rest of the season can begin.


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