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  • argh

    why don’t they ever have guys like Dempsey or Howard in these? Dempsey is well known in England and of course in the US

    don’t give me that “they know of Donovan”. Europeans know about Donovan during the World Cup and forget about him when it’s over.

    I wish USSF did more to market Dempsey/Jozy/Howard to the USA and to the world. Howard is arguably 1 of the top 15 goalkeepers in the world. Dempsey was a star until he left Spurs. Jozy is known at least in some circles in Europe and is inspirational to many kids following the game today. No offense to Landon, but to many he’s seen as middle class soccer mom-crowd when the real soccer player youth are guys like Dempsey and Altidore.


  • Gillallen

    Klinsmann already had a predetermined 23…

    I speculated on this before, but with the players now coming out and saying such things, I know it’s definite.

    Jurgen lied to the players and to americans publicly about the legitimacy of his camp and he should be singled out for his deceit and held accountable.

    Conspiracy? Yes. This roster is designed to promote MLS in a dishonest way. They made the investment to bring back Bradley, Dempsey and countless others because their going to ride their superficial success at the World Cup to popularize MLS. Players who play in the English championship and Liga MX players weren’t invited into camp because of this self promotion agenda and because the US soccer staff already knew who was going to at camp.

    If your going to bring in players for the sake of the highest caliber competition available, then I don’t know any players who put in more work on all sides of the ball then championship players. No Duane Holmes, Spector or Ream or Packwood (if he isn’t injured)? BS…


    • Tru Dat

      They should have had a rose ceremony…..

      “We didn’t know that the cuts were coming that day, so no expectations there,” Parkhurst said.

      “I had no idea,” said Evans. “We were walking into the locker room, got pulled aside and that was it. Chop, chop and you’re out of there.

      “[Klinsmann] just said, ‘I have to make a roster decision today and you’re not a part of it,’” Evans continued. “So that’s where we left it. I got up and said goodbye to the players and that was it.”


    • JayAre

      Put your tin foil hat back on, this isn’t news. Klinsmann was going to bring only 23 players in before he changed his mind and brought 30. So yeah there was a chance his mind was made up. Even if it wasn’t I wouldn’t put much into what Parkhurst has to say, it’s just a defeated voice trying to make sense of his defeat. Parkhurst never really stood a chance a CB, LB or RB when you look at the depth.


      • Gillallen

        Right, because only a couple of weeks ago the soccer community wasn’t debating whether we should take Parkhurst and Evans for a backup spot because everyone knew Chandler would be our starting RB


      • QuakerOtis

        I swear, it must be nice to wake up with a clean slate every day… Not have to carry all that information and thinking stuff around with you.

        Chandler has always been a lock to anyone not myopically focused on club soccer, because no one else on our squad has his skill-set and athleticism. Period.

        The “debate” you refer to was about which old or ill-suited player we would feel least nervous about at RB, knowing that Cameron is the best option at CB next to Besler, given Omar’s health and periodic lapses.


      • QuakerOtis

        And I’m sorry if I sound harsh in these replies. It just irks me that people apparently glide through life declaring a “passion” for certain things while putting zero thought into the very thing their overemotional reaction would suggest they “care” about. So odd. So, so odd. If you care about the team more than this or that player, then you’ve been engaging the positional analysis the whole time. As in the last 4 years, not the last 4 weeks. Only in that conext does the last 4 weeks make ANY sense. Must be maddening to you all… apparently is.

        Maybe I’m arguing with trolls/teenagers. If so, joke’s on me.

        Can you tell I’m excited for the World Cup? USA!!!


  • TB


    As a coach most of the times going into tryouts our minds are made up. Up to the players to do enough to change the coaches mind. 99% of the time it doesn’t happen. None of this is earth shattering to coaches, fans…Obviously.


    • Gillallen

      Fine. But one shouldn’t make a charade out of the whole process, by creating an illusion that all players are inclusive to it. Its just reeks of one huge lie and Klinsmann should of come out with his 23 like other nations did.


      • wfrw07

        I’m willing to bet if you ask the 7 guys who didn’t make it if they would have preferred to stay home, or fight for a spot for 10 days even for the slightest chance of going, they have fought for it.


    • bottlcaps

      Maybe so for some coaches, not all, certainly not I. Having coached at the youth level and later collegiate, I have ALWAYS kept an open mind in player selection. Naturally you are always looking for certain things, certain traits, tendencies, but you also look for talent and how players react and act in certain situations.I treat a selection process as a test, and everyone is equal, and I try and bring their best efforts forward in the evaluations

      It is true some coaches will put on a charade to give the appearance of fair mindedness, and equity, when indeed, they are already prejudiced over a selection. And sometimes a duplicitous efforts may work well for some.But ultimately you must make a selection by fair or foul means.

      And their is a big difference in a selection process between seasoned pro’s and youth/amateur players, but I think every coach should retain a philosophy that everybody gets a shot, fairly


  • Jacknut

    That commercial makes me think Argentina could use a guy like Barça’s Messi to put them over the top.


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