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Orlando City Notes: Kaka negotiations still underway, MLS jerseys to launch in fall, and more

Kaka of AC Milan celebrates his goal 0-1

photo by ISIphotos.com


ORLANDO, Fla. — There’s no denying that Orlando City SC and AC Milan legend Kaka have something brewing.

After the Lions revealed their Major League Soccer logo for the 2015 season on Tuesday, club president Phil Rawlins once again talked about the possibility of Kaka landing in central Florida. Orlando City have been linked with the Brazilian attacker for months now, and previously stated they want to sign him as a Designated Player.

“Those negotiations continue and we continue to be interested in signing him,” Rawlins told SBI. “He continues to be interested in coming to us, so we’ll just let that play out over the coming months. We’ve really focused on insuring a world-class superstar.”

Here are more notes from the Orlando City logo unveiling: 


Orlando City seem to have the MLS puzzle completed. They have fans, a soccer-specific stadium on the way, a growing squad, and now a new logo.

Soon, they will have new jerseys made by A-didas.

Rawlins told SBI that Orlando City’s MLS kits for 2015 have been designed, and are currently going through shipment for a late fall launch.

“We will continue to play in 2014 in our Lotto jerseys, but probably around the October timeframe we’ll have the actual (MLS Adidas) jerseys themselves,” said Rawlins. “They’re already designed, waiting for shipments. Working with Adidas takes about six months to get that in progress, so expect to see the jersey launch in October-November of this year.”


Orlando City faithful have long anticipated the official renderings of their downtown soccer-specific stadium, and that wait will soon be over.

Rawlins said renderings of the stadium that will open in 2016 will be out in a matter of weeks. Some renderings made the rounds online in recent months, but those were outdated and unofficial.

“We’ll hopefully have the stadium renderings here in a few weeks time,” said Rawlins. “Then that follows with breaking ground and starting the construction process.”


The World Cup will be played in Brazil in less than a month, and Rawlins told reporters that the Lions’ rebrand will come with a series of watch parties aimed at unifying local soccer fans.

“With the new logo launched, that gives us the new brand, that gives us a platform this summer that we’ve been waiting to do,” said Rawlins. “It gives us the opportunity to get ready for the World Cup. We’ll brand that with our logo, we’ll be doing watch parties all across the city.”

Rawlins added that the locations have been chosen, but the club is waiting to reserve the spots before making an announcement.

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Do you expect to see Kaka arriving to Orlando City before the start of the 2015 season? Are you excited that the MLS kits will come before the end of 2014? How eager are you for the stadium renderings?

Share your thoughts below.

  • JakeTheSnake

    Kaka would be a great get for Orlando. High name recognition and he’s still a high level player


    • Raymon

      “Ricardo Izecson dosSantos Leite” ? Cause I hope someone tells him what his name means in the playgrounds of America, unfortunately.


      • 1st Time Caller

        LOL! What coherent thought was that comment supposed to convey? Because the more I read it, the more confusing it sounds and it is pretty frickin hilarious


    • 407

      You must mean yours, cuz Jake… didn’t say anything unreasonable. He didn’t say Kaka’ is on level with Messi or C. Ronaldo.


      • Tony in Quakeland


        Just because a guy is no longer a FIFA player of the year canidate doesn’t mean he isn’t high level. Unless Chris is saying that Kaka DOESN’T have high name recognition….


    • Chris

      In an odd turn of events the post I was referring to is gone. I do in fact agree with Jake.


  • Nic D "the TX 2 Stepper"

    How awesome would it be for them to land Kaka and Robinho in successive windows? KAka to start the the MLS campaign and Robinho in the summer transfer window!


    • Philadelphia Collins

      Would be nice but Robinho’s wages are WAY too high for MLS. Unfortunately he is more likely to head back to Santos in Brazil than to Orlando.


  • Scott e Dio93

    Maybe Kaka could bring some former AC Milan or Real Madrid buddies like: Alonso, Pato, Robinho etc…


  • Matt C

    Smart move for Orlando if it can land him. His presence would provide yet another reason for Brazilians to visit central Florida.

    i think i recall reading recently that the number of South American visitors to the Tampa Bay/St.Pete/Orlando area has been steadily increasing over the last couple of years while the Euro visitors have dropped or levelled off.


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  • Quit whining about soccer in the US

    I don’t have any opinion on Kaka, but I would like one of the teams to bring Altidore home…


  • argh

    Robinho? No way. Overrated.

    KAKA totally worth 5 million a year. Though his move to Madrid crashed his career.

    would love for him to join MIAMI. How’s his english?


  • Alex

    We’ve been waiting for these renderings for SO LONG!!!! Can’t wait to finally see the new digs.


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