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Soccer Monday: Your Running Commentary

LuisSuarezLiverpool2-CrystalPalace (Getty)


This season’s English Premier League title challenge is coming down to the wire.

Liverpool can jump back to the top of the table on Monday night when they face Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park (3pm, NBC Sports Network), but Manchester City will remain just three points behind with a game in hand. Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has backed his team to finish the season strong and believes that the Reds can still win the title.

Tony Pulis has guided Crystal Palace to tenth place and safety from relegation, and his side will do everything they can to win their final home game of the season.

In Italy, Juventus will be able to celebrate their third consecutive Serie A title at home when they take on Atalanta (BeIN Sports USA). Juve clinched the title with AS Roma’s defeat to Catania on Sunday and with nothing else to play for, it’s likely to be a festive atmosphere at Juventus Stadium.

If you will be watching today’s match, please feel free to leave your thoughts, some play-by-play and analysis in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

  • Good Jeremy

    I’m amazed that Allen has only scored once this season. I had thought he played a much bigger role for them.

    Also, Suarez is a genius. If he didn’t dive so much and play dirty I think he would be in the same discussions as Ronaldo and Messi every year.


    • Felix

      That’s a good call on Suarez – his style of play limits his popularity (and subsequent endorsement opportunities as well).
      Even CR7, with all his arrogance on display, plays honest. His skills are there for everyone to marvel at.
      But Suarez embraces being the villain, and his play on the pitch makes you want to root against him, to the point where you cannot even appreciate his brilliance.


      • GW

        “Even CR7, with all his arrogance on display, plays honest. ”

        You could get an argument on that.


  • reignman

    Liverpool has pushed so hard they are out of gas, wide open game, will be interesting to see how it ends.


  • Kodi

    Wow I tuned in for final 30 mins and what a treat Crystal Palace just don’t quit.


  • reignman

    Pulis is coach of the year, simply magic he’s worked with this team.


  • reignman

    Belasie reminds me a lot of Gervinho during his Arsenal days. Gets into really dangerous spots and has pace but seems to lose his composure most of the time.


  • William the Terror

    Bwahahahahahaha. Here’s to another 24 years without a title.


    • CSD

      Why, because there wasn’t any around him he could bite and use as a pacifier?


  • Andy in Atlanta

    talk about a storybook season turning into a Greek tragedy… 25 years from Hillsborough….

    team playing attractive football with no cheating (or very minimal) from Suarez and Stevie G blows the Chelsea match and not they blow a 3-0 lead…

    Almost feel sorry for them… I do actually a bit for Stevie G


    • Good Jeremy

      Stevie is a good one. It’s a shame to see him be so good for so long, stay out of trouble, and not win anything memorable.


      • Brett

        He won the Champions League. I’d say that was petty memorable.


      • Rory

        He got into a little trouble too… I mean, he got away with it by saying he was scared the DJ was going to hit him so he had to strike first, but he did get into trouble.


  • CSD

    Nice to see Suarez cry maybe he pull off the double this year and cry at the World Cup also.


  • Limey

    So…. Liverpool didn’t want to win the BPL after all? How strange.


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