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Timbers acquire Nigerian forward Adi on loan

Fanendo Adi (Getty Images)


In need of some help, the Portland Timbers have added some more power to their front line.

The Timbers announced on Tuesday that they have signed Nigerian forward Fanendo Adi on loan with from Danish club FC Copenhagen. The loan for the 23-year-old Adi comes with an option to buy and his 6-foot-4 frame gives the club a different type of option from what it currently has up top.

“Fanendo is a young and ambitious player with UEFA Champions League experience and we feel that his acquisition on short-term loan, with the option to purchase, provides a great opportunity for both the player and our club,” Timbers general manager Gavin Wilkinson told the club’s official website. “This loan allows us to add a quality player into the mix as we are always looking to develop our roster now and in the future.”

Adi, who will occupy an international slot on Portland’s roster, has been struggling for playing time at Copenhagen this season. He made just six starts in nine appearances, scoring three goals in the process.

Portland is currently, and surprisingly, in last place in the Western Conference in MLS, sitting on nine points from 10 games. The club has scored 13 goals this season – which puts the Timbers in the middle of the pack among MLS sides – but is hoping to strengthen its forward corps.

“Adi gives us another striker piece to further strengthen our roster,” Timbers head coach Caleb Porter told the club’s website. “His air play and ability to hold the ball as more of a target option will complement the qualities of our other players while providing a different dimension to our attack.”


What do you think of the Timbers reportedly eyeing Adi as a potential summer acquisition? How much would this addition help the club? Would you prefer to see Portland sign a defender?

Share your thoughts below.

    • LeaveReply

      yeah, its not like Spurs need him. He hasnt seemed his best though, since that ambush in namibia or wherever. However, the US have the best trauma psychologists in the world


      • KingGoogleyEye

        Are you thinking of the Togolese team, ambushed in Cabinda in 2010?


      • Increase

        Ya, that was… Adebayor in that. I remember FIFA banned them when the president of the country recalled the team after like 5 people died. FIFA later decided that hmmm maybe the President had a good reason to be worried about all the dead people.


      • uhuru

        I think he means Ade(bayor) and not Adi. Its always advisable to read articles before commenting on them


      • KingGoogleyEye

        Ralph (below) reads “Fanendo Adi” and thinks “Idi Amin” while LeaveReply thinks “Emmanuel Adebayor.”

        I can sympathize, because we I read “Mike Tyson,” I think “Peabo Bryson.”


      • jmadsen

        Which makes me think of Pebbles from the Flintstones


      • Anthony

        Wrong African country and African player you ignorant fool.


  • Ralph

    I can’t be the first person who say Africa and ‘Adi’ and thought Idi Amin.

    Are the Timbers struggling to score goals?


    • KingGoogleyEye

      5th place in the West for number of goals (13), but last place in the standings. Not what fans expected after last year.


      • Ralph

        I’m smoking an expanded knowledge of African history and going-ons with a dry sense of humor.


      • Nic D "the TX 2 Stepper"

        It’s clear that the “expanded knowledge” got boiled down to an extremely acute name that sounds nothing like Idi Amin.

        ADIs Ababa? Sure
        ADIdas? Definitely

        IDI Amin? Hmmmmmm


  • NASL to El Paso tx

    Drogba drogba drogba
    Drogba will come in and set the difference, whats the big deal.


      • KingGoogleyEye

        Or Miami. That would give him another 10 years to play in Europe before he had to move to Florida.


      • Drewbles

        And then just transition into a retirement community. Good plan.


    • Ronald Coobie

      Teams end up with big name players on the wrong side of thirty because they want to get butts in the seats, sell jerseys, pay the bills and pad the pockets… Not for the success of the team on the field. Portland is doing it right, there are great players out there, underappreciated, and in need of playing time… A lot of them entering their prime. Swoop them up timbers, you already have a packed stadium and your bills well covered … No need for the unnecessary press an old guy would bring. That being said, drogba would be a big step up from any of the current forwards, regardless of age, just don’t know if his salary is worth it.


  • P

    Interesting that this is the area (the attack) they invested in most heavily in the off-season. They moved guys that were part of last year’s more successful attack (statistically) and brought in guys intended to strengthen it. Either they got it wrong on their roster moves or there are other factors influencing their poor offensive outcome and fall down the table – maybe both. I’d be more worried about bringing in a true ball handling center back and addressing their weakness at fullback.


    • g-dub

      Urutti (sp?) has been a bust. Porter’s faith in him is perplexing.

      Also, Porter’s ‘ra ra hold-you-accountable’ style was going to wear thin with seasoned professional grown men at some point and it has.


  • Neruda

    Article says he couldn’t get on the field for Copenhagen so what can be expected from him in mls? I I don’t think he helps timbers in the near future if at all. He is young so it’s worth a try.


    • Joamiq

      Three goals in six starts makes you think it’s not his fault he’s not seeing more time.


    • FGB

      Copenhagen was in the champions league. The best MLS team (which is not Portland) in a champions league group would have zero points in 6 games and probably a goal differential in the region of -15.


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