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NYC FC acquires Jeb Brovsky from Impact for 2016 draft pick


Photo by ISIPhotos.com


New York City Football Club has made its first trade for a Major League Soccer player.

The club acquired defender Jeb Brovsky on Thursday from the Montreal Impact in exchange for NYC FC’s second-round pick in the 2016 MLS SuperDraft. Trading Brovsky was a mutual decision between the player and the Impact.

“I feel very fortunate that we are in a position to add a player of Jeb’s quality this early in our process,” NYC FC coach Jason Kreis said in a press release. “He is a player my staff and I have been very fond of going back several years ago when he entered the League and we have been watching and appreciating him ever since. His athleticism, versatility, and passion for the game are evident and I am certain we have added another terrific character to our growing family.”

Brovsky was the 19th overall selection in the 2011 SuperDraft after four seasons at Notre Dame. He spent one year with the Vancouver Whitecaps before being picked up by the Impact in their expansion draft.

NYC FC does not play until next March, so the 25-year-old will go on loan until December to a club yet to be determined. Brovsky is the second player to join the club. Spain’s all-time leading scorer, David Villa, signed with the club a couple weeks ago and will play on loan at Melbourne City in Australia until December.

“I’m tremendously excited to be joining New York City FC,” Brovsky said. “With the talented coaching and training staff they’ve put in place, it’s clear that this club is focused on winning. This is a big step in my life and career to be coming to play in the biggest sports city, and I can’t wait to take the field at Yankee Stadium.”


What do you think of this trade? Do you think this is this a good move by NYC FC? Surprised that the Impact aren’t getting more back for him?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Jai_Guru_Deva

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  • jc

    Ives, can we do something about these political spam-trolls shoving activism down our throats? We’re here to enjoy the beautiful game, in spite of its imperfections


    • The really real

      How about a NYRB spam-troll!

      Brovsky will crush Henry and Petke will be left weaping :-O


      • slowleftarm

        By the time Brovsky is playing for NYCFC, Henry will have retired.


    • solles

      perhaps hes “shoving it down your throat” (conservatives love that term, I wonder why) because you wouldnt otherwise pay any attention whatsoever.


      • jc

        You’re right, thank goodness for this troll because I had NO clue that there was unrest in Brazil right now. I’m having my ‘Come to Jesus’ moment as we speak (since we’re talking all conservative)…


      • Mestizo & Proud

        Your talking about it and responding so your processing on some level. Troll Wins 🙂


    • CSD

      I thought they cancelled that thing in Brazil when they found out J-Lo might not be able to make it? It is now officially delayed trade in the MLS Day, Biotchs….


  • CSD

    “What do you think of this trade?”

    Honestly in my opinion it is kind of stupid to be trading for players within your league the season before you start playing and before your expansion draft. I can understand locking down a player outside of the league but I don’t know why MLS even needs to allow this. Did Jeb really dislike Montreal that much he couldn’t wait to get up out?


  • tom

    I like Brovsky but he is not a starter on an MLS team that is battling for a top spot (although he could start for some of the lower end ones) so I am so curious where this loan deal is going to be.
    Its hard to believe that a player who cant play for a bad defensive MLS team is going to find a euro team that is willing to bring him in just till December.

    Europe is big and it has many leagues of different quality with different divisions.
    I doubt he is going to find a team in Norway but in 2nd division there, he could.
    Maybe some Baltic league team. I dont seem him being anywhere close to the top 2 divisions in the big four leagues. 2nd division in France, Portugal, Greece and other 2nd tier leagues is also a stretch.
    So were talking a 3rd-4th tier league.
    But again, how many teams are going to take in a defencemen for the first 3rd of season?
    A forward or offensive forward might be worth to give a quick temporary boost but not sure a fullback is.


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