U.S. Men's National Team

USMNT 2, Azerbaijan 0: Field-Level Highlights

Graham Zusi, Ruslan Abishov

  • Landon Klinsmann

    Felt like a much better atmosphere than the wide shots of the empty seats in cavernous Candlestick convey. Fun game.


    • Vik

      Not sad to be done with Candlestick though. Games in Levi should be much more fun for fans and players.


    • EQeki

      Half the crowd didnt even get in until half time. I was at the game. I sat in traffic for two hours

      That stadium is the biggest sh*thole ever (coming from a niners fan)


    • murray burns

      Who chooses the uniforms!? Probably the same person who thought cavernous, windy, Candlestick was a good place to play a soccer game.


      • Cristiano Donovan

        I like the empty cavernous candlestick uniforms.


  • JakeTheSnake

    What a terrible place to play this match.

    With Azerbaijan, we knew there wouldn’t be a large attendance. Why not play in a soccer specific stadium for this match?

    P.S.- these jerseys are growing on me. I have gone from hating them to almost liking them now.


    • Rowsdower

      From a distance they look decent (ie stands) but I still hate the close ups.


    • EQeki

      It would’ve sold out if it was played at Stanford.

      My guess is Stanford wanted too much money


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