World Cup 2014

The SBI Show: Episode 148 (Recapping the USA win vs. Ghana, and more)

JohnBrooksGhanaGoalPrayer (ISIPhotos.com)

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The U.S. Men’s National Team’s stunning victory against Ghana won’t soon be forgotten, and while the next World Cup match is just a few day’s away, it’s time to discuss that memorable night in Natal on the latest episode of The SBI Show.

Episode 148 of The SBI Show takes a look back at the U.S. team’s 2-1 victory over Ghana, and breaks down the players who helped make it happen, what it means for the U.S. going forward, and what lies ahead in the next match against Portugal.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I discuss the rest of the World Cup, including CONCACAF’s impressive start to the tournament, and Mexico’s strong beginning.

Give Episode 148 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

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  • Byrdman

    Great comment Ives at about the 13:30 mark: “you have to let players develop….people are too quick to throw dirt on players.”

    Thanks for some balance. I have grown to really appreciate your calm and patient Approach. .


  • roberto johnson

    90% of are these statements “I’m right, you’re wrong”; “people don’t know what they are talking about”


    • James

      I think it’s more that a small vocal minority are wrong, and the rest of us are right


      • the unmistakeable Ronaldinho

        Wouldn’t mind less focus on the small minority who don’t know what they’re talking about though. I like addressing conflicting views but too much time spent on opinions/questions that are so clearly wrong.


      • James

        I don’t disagree. Sometimes it can be a bit much, but my point to roberto is that it’s usually a consensus opinion (ie Jones having a monster game). He’s calling out people who make ridiculous comments. Although, like you say, it gives these people more attention (and validation) than necessary


      • the unmistakeable Ronaldinho

        There needs to be a balance of analysis and criticism of others’ analysis though. Have to address conflicting opinions. Especially when a number of “professional” writers had Jones rated so lowly. That was criminal and shows the low quality of many soccer writers we have. My complaint is the amount of time spent on calling out fans with stupid opinions (the vocal minority). How many times do we need to hear about “some people are saying (insert stupid comment)” when referencing a random tweet or comment on here.
        I still enjoy the show but that is one thing that I could live without.


      • Ives Galarcep

        It’s not as small a minority as you might think most times, and no, I don’t spend a ton of time addressing singular tweets. Just because I mentioned one this time doesn’t mean it’s what I do. There were a surprising number of people down on Jones after that match. Just because you or I saw the obvious doesn’t mean several people didn’t, and there is ZERO wrong with beating down a clearly flawed view as a vehicle for discussing a topic. Not sure why you just can’t let this go but that’s just how we do things.


      • the unmistakeable Ronaldinho

        Not like I have been ragging on y’all or anything. It has been let go of which is why I listen regularly. Just commented on one thing I didn’t care a great deal for. Certainly my dislike for referencing any sort of social media opinion(s) as the actual pulse of a group weighs on my view. The loudest are often at the fringes of the spectrum and the least informed. I know you can’t really have a show in 2014 without using social media though. Obviously I don’t have to deal with the intake of tweets/messages/comments ect from the soccer peanut gallery which I’m sure makes it easier to filter out stupidity on my end.


  • PoorLazyBastard

    Weird mix of emotions after Ghana. Thrilled with the win, but really worried about our form. Portugal will be interesting. Gotta up our game…


  • Gabe

    IVES!!! THANK YOU for telling the ridiculous xenophobes to “shut up.” So well said. Brooks, Jones, and Johnson have earned their stars & stripes. Or, rather. they showed they always had them.


  • H-Town

    I was wondering what you think the 2018 roster might look like. After watching Brooks it made me start to think about the possibility. I think it would be something like this barring injuries or major drops in form:

    F: Altidore, Johannson, Boyd, Fagundez (gets cleared)
    M: Bradley, Bedoya, Zusi, Diskerud, Green, D. Williams, Powers, Nagbe (gets cleared), Gatt
    D: Cameron, Besler, Brooks, Johnson, Chandler, Yedlin, Gonzalez
    G: Howard, Guzan, Hall


      • blag

        It saddens me to say this, but I Stuart is going to be aged by that time and it is a real question whether he will fully recover from all the injuries. It just seems like an extremely unfortunate situation for both him and his fans.


      • Cylo

        Fagundez and Nagbe are two guys I really wanna see on the US team from the MLS. You gotta add Agudelo.


  • Julian in SF

    I agree with Ives on the “shut up” comment! He is absolutely right – they are American by blood, by law, by commitment.


  • Chris

    Learned alot guys, great program, your coverage really adds a lot! Surprised you didn’t say anything Howard, what a monster in goal


  • Matt

    The US didn’t really sit on the lead until Altidore went down. Before that, during the first 10 to 15 minutes or so they looked more likely to double their lead than Ghana looked to get the equalizer. It was Jozy going down, then Dempsey getting kicked in the face that caused them to drop back, eventually into the full bunker as the US had trouble maintaining possession and Ghana pressed well to disrupt what little possession the US had.

    Once Ghana scored, however, the US woke up a bit got some numbers forward and earned the corner. It was the right back, after all, that pressured the defender on his own end line to win the corner.


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