World Cup 2014

USMNT unveils video series profiling all 23 players

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For each U.S. Men’s National Team player heading to the World Cup in Brazil, there is a story behind his journey. U.S. Soccer is helping tell those stories with a new video series called “One Nation. One Team. 23 Stories.”

With a World Cup roster of players coming from nine top-flight leagues and homes primarily in five countries, the 23 men representing the U.S. in the Brazil are a diverse bunch. Here are their stories:

    • bryan

      i would have never guessed Chandler was so goofy. he always looks so serious and then when camp started everyone was reporting that he was a funny guy. found that interesting but this video cleared it up for me. certainly doesn’t sound like Chandler is locker room cancer like SO many were positive about.



    This is some great promo. where was this for the past 12 years? Or is this only during the World Cup?

    they need to do more work promoting Jozy, Clint, Bradley and Howard. 4 best players we have.


    • I LOVE IT

      show that soccer is not that upper middle class sport that moms drive their kids to. It’s real/ We have kids who grew up poor who play the game and now making that $$$$


  • Ogrash

    Chris Wondo is basically that small kid down the street who always wanted to play with the bigger kids but never could and yet somehow 15 years later he’s a pro athlete. Simply beautiful


  • squirt-lover

    Man, how can you not like our team? Obviously editing can do a lot, but these guys seem so genuine. I really enjoyed getting a different glimpse of the guys from Germany, too.


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