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Must-See Video: Ready for Ghana

    • dbcool

      Agreed. Why do I have a sinking feeling about this match? I have a feeling it’s going to result in a lop-sided score one way or the other. I predict 4-1, but I can’t say who will win and who will lose….


  • Stinky Pete

    Oh man work is going to be a drag today. I will not be able to focus all day. I have US flag attached to my bike helmet for the commute today and my good ol’ 94 denim kit ready to wear for the game tonight! Lets do this! WALLACE! WALLACE! WALLACE! Wait that is my Braveheart chant I meant USA USA USA!


  • Del Griffin

    OK Im going to watch that about a hundred times today.



  • Oog

    Bwaaahhhhhhhhhhhm……..Bwaaaaahhhhhhhhm……We need different suspenseful music. Either way, can’t wait for the game.


  • Chip S.

    Been waiting 4 years for today!… Words fail to express my anticipation… Even if you don’t love (or even like) the beautiful game, this is YOUR team, America. Your national team who are about to embark on an arduous journey taking on some of the world’s best in a sport where we are looked at (& possibly rightfully so) as woefully inferior. …They mock us. They ridicule us. They say we’ll NEVER amount to anything in a sport watched by more people on this planet than all other sports combined… But what they fail to realize is that that’s what Americans do best: We rise up. We beat the odds…. We NEVER back down from a challenge… & when the odds are stacked against us; when everyone says we can’t do it; when the rest of the world doubts our resolve… WE BRING IT.


  • Mr_A

    I dig the foghorns. If we can just get the fans to bring one of those to the stadium.


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