World Cup 2014

SBI World Cup Man of the Match: Lionel Messi

LionelMessiArgentina2-Bosnia-Herzegovina2014WorldCup (Getty)


Lionel Messi’s moment of brilliance proved to be the difference as Argentina held off Bosnia and Herzegovina in a 2-1 victory in Rio de Janeiro.

Messi spent the better part of Sunday’s match playing possum, but he displayed his world-class skills at just the right moment, scoring the game winner, earning SBI’s World Cup Man of the Match.

In the 65th minute of play, the world’s most dangerous player finally decided to make his presence known.

With the Maracana filled with the singing of Argentine fans, Messi made an enterprising run across the top of Bosnia’s 18-yard box avoiding two defenders before blasting his left-footed shot off the far upright and into the net, making it 2-0. Messi’s second career World Cup tally was the only goal scored by an Argentine player in the game.

What did you think of Messi’s performance? Which player stood out the most to you?

Share your thoughts below.

  • trent

    Messi walked on the grass for 88 min but walked on the moon for 2 sublime minutes and changed the game like only he can. Still looked a little off…perhaps his midfield was slagging.


  • chris

    Messi didn’t have a shot until one of the Bosnian defenders decided to sweep the legs out from under his own teammate. They both end up tumbling over each other onto the ground as Messi takes advantage of suddenly being unmarked. Obviously, he still made the shot, so you can give him some credit, but it wasn’t exactly his finest moment.

    The rest of the game, I couldn’t help but notice how badly things were going for him. Repeatedly getting the ball stolen from him, his passes being intercepted, etc. I was genuinely surprised at how far off his usual standard he was playing.


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