World Cup 2014

SBI World Cup Man of the Match: Joel Campbell

campbell - Zimbio


Costa Rica was going to need a little bit of magic to knock off top seeded Uruguay, and magic is exactly what they got from the feet of one of their youngest stars.

Joel Campbell led the way for Los Ticos by providing a goal and an assist in what will go down as one of the biggest wins in Costa Rican soccer history. The 21-year-old Olympiacos star may have gotten his big break by scoring against Manchester United in a February Champions League contest, but the winger scored the biggest goal of his career Saturday by slamming the ball past goalkeeper Fernando Muslera to equalize with heavily favored Uruguay.

Campbell turned provider by serving up substitute Marco Ureña for Los Ticos’ third and final goal, which effectively ended any aspirations of a Uruguay comeback.

Campbell’s performance earned him recognition as SBI’s World Cup Man of the Match, beating out teammates Ureña, Oscar Duarte and Keylor Navas for today’s honors.


What did you think of Campbell’s performance? Who stood out the most to you in Costa Rica’s upset over Uruguay?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Scott e Dio93

    Sad to see my beloved Uruguay get destroyed, but Uruguay’s midfield is very weak, and Campbell was too fast and smart.


  • Paul

    Trying to keep things in perspective, but this is a good start of the tournament for the confederation.


    • Paul

      Someone should point out that CR took advantage of some arguably suspect goalkeeping. Each of the three could have been stopped. Slow reaction on the first two (Campbell’s shot was a rocket, but not point blank and it only went in a few feet to the keeper’s left) and questionable positioning on the layout for the third.


      • Will Smith

        Compared to some of the other shoddy goalkeeping so far I’d say it wasn’t too bad. I think #2 was a very brave and very hard to stop goal.

        Go Ticos!


      • Johnny

        Regardless, even if goalkeeping was suspect. You have to admit that Costa Rica was the better team on the field.


      • Kmac014

        The 1st goal was unstoppable. No chance at all. Second goal he wasn’t saving. Third goal was terrible goalkeeping


      • Paul

        The second would have been the toughest to stop. On the first, it isn’t unusual to see shots like that saved at this level.


      • WhiteHart

        I’d agree that you see the 1st stopped sometimes, but to say usually may be a stretch.

        Lots of power, wasn’t like he missed an save.


    • Jesse D

      +1 Once upon a time Joel was my favorite non-American Concacaf player. He is so entertaining to watch play. He is such a poor sport though. The Besler incident in qualifying was as low class as they come. He should be taunted for that for years and years to come. Drawing the redcard to Periera, was what it was. He was fouled, it was a pointless foul, the Uruguanian has no real defense. But Joel’s reactions would be laughable if he was 5. He lays there in anguish. Gets up and moves 10 feet to avoid the people arguing and then acts devastated again, just in case the ref looks over. Such a punk.

      All the talent in the world, just needs some class to go with it.


      • Tommy B.

        I’d love to see you get kicked like that. You’d still be crying on the floor.


  • Nick

    I’ve despised Campbell ever since the Besler incident. Hopefully England and Italy destroy Costa Rica.


    • Paul

      Campbell might be the current worst, but he’s not the one who created the perception of CONCACAF being the trailer park of football. It is, however, our trailer park. So not sure that I want to see CR destroyed. Besides, I can’t really bring myself to root for either England or Italy, either.


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