World Cup 2014

The SBI Show: Episode 153 (Talking MLS, Gedion Zelalem, and more)

NewZelalemCrop (ISIPhotos.com)


After a three-week layoff, the SBI Show is back, and we have plenty to discuss in the first show after the 2014 World Cup.

Episode 153 of The SBI Show touches on a wide array of topics, from the World Cup, to the recent blockbuster signings in MLS, to the latest on Gedion Zelalem and Freddy Adu.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I also discuss the latest MLS action, as well as the international friendlies filling up recent schedules across the country.

Give Episode 153 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

What did you think of the show? Agree with our take on the Matt Besler re-signing? Excited to see Gedion Zelalem in action? Did you miss The SBI Show during our break?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Dainja

    Great way to signal the return to Jersey with a Redman banger on the intro!!


  • MisterJC

    Glad to have you guys back. Thanks for the show. The Jermain Jones breakaway segment was hilarious…


    • AcidBurn

      What are we talking about again? RSL?

      Oh wait there’s Jermaine Jones with Mike Tyson!

      Hilarious guys…welcome back.


  • Dace

    Finally, a new show! And not a moment too soon…

    Can’t wait for the SBI fantasy league!


    • Ives

      We had a lot of topics to cover after so much time off and Beasley just slipped through the cracks. We will touch on it next show.


      • Miklos Molnar's Uncle

        Excellent news. July has been a big month for Jamar, returning to his old stomping grounds (St. Louis) as a high profile veteran signing. It was also a big month for higher profile younger brother, Matt Beasley, who signed a DP contract with the Kansas City Wiz, my nephew’s former club and favorite baked potato topping.

        It is common to drink bleach while listening to me. Go ahead, finish the glass and I will continue.


  • Ah

    Bad move: lack of a show during the final stages/aftermath of the World Cup when your listeners are craving content.

    Good move: coming back with a very good show.

    Welcome back and thanks for the good show.


  • AMP

    erm, whatever happened to the contest, concerning the 30 man provisional roster? I was wondering what lucky son of a gun won themselves a sweet scarf, right out of the Ives personal collection.


      • AMP

        you know it! and a scarf geek. whenever this lame-o contestant wins this enviable muffler, they should pay me the proper respect, for fighting for that rare and beautiful prize keeping their neck warm in wintertimes. I think whoever this person is, should send me one of their old scarves, in return for the sweat and blood i poured into the case of the forgotten contest.

        if i was a betting man, or woman, i’d bet a year supply of my toenail clippings that one day there will be an Erin Brockovich style movie made concerning these events. oddly enough, i think Julia Roberts is one of the few actors in hollywood talented enough to pull me off believably.


      • AMP

        If I am granted permission to cast this film–I don’t see that being a problem–beside from Roberts taking my role, the winner of the prize would be played by Andy Serkis motion capture of a poorly coordinated, goofball giraffe.
        It’s funny because either as a giraffe he doesn’t need a scarf, or needs one much bigger than something human sized. Ives will be played by Denzel, and you Ali, by Sir Ben Kingsley.


      • Ali Dia

        Now this is some really exceptional material here. A scarf would not begin to pay this off. Easily #1 and #2 comments of an otherwise ordinary day on SBI.

        I will enjoy them while they are pristine, and perhaps even screencap them so I can remember what they were like before they are defiled in the morning with the inevitable commentary about Julia Roberts “pulling you off”, and before fully accepting the visible disappointment of Sir Ben Kingsley upon discovering the boorish and unsophisticated character he has been assigned. I apologize preemptively to the master actor and encourage him to improvoise as he sees fit.

        Denzel will, I believe, be quite enthusiastic about the Ives gig however. His role as a flawed but well-meaning custodian of the scarf offers will build on the organizational-individual tensions established in Training Day (or even as early as Glory).

        I also think a sort of scarf exchange is a grand idea with a lot of potential.


  • Falsify

    Wow, glad you guys recorded a podcast. I come to the sight less when you don’t record for a while.


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