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Brazil vs. Germany: Your Running Commentary

David Luiz

Photo by ISIPhotos.com

With Thiago Silva out for Brazil, David Luiz will captain Brazil in the World Cup semifinal against Germany (4 p.m. ESPN). That is not the biggest change for the five-time champions, however.

The host nation will be without Neymar, after the 22-year-old forward was knocked out of the host nation’s victory over Colombia with a fractured vertebrae. To this point in the tournament, Neymar has been in contention for the Golden Boot with four goals, trailing only Colombia’s James Rodriguez.

After narrowly escaping against Algeria, Germany had to hold on for dear life to beat France. Mats Hummels scored the lone goal for Germany 13 minutes into the match. Thanks to a big performance from Manuel Neuer, the Germans were able to hold on and keep their dream of a fourth World Cup triumph alive. Thomas Muller remains in contention for the Golden Boot, sitting level with Neymar and Lionel Messi with four goals.

If you will be watching today’s matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

  • Mason

    There goes the clean sheet.

    If only Germany knew how to kill off a game properly…


  • scott1

    I love this world.

    From the NY Times,

    “Brazil, playing without its star Neymar, who broke a vertebra in the quarterfinal, looked…”

    I will never saw the media write this,

    “Italy, playing it first international match since Chiellini lost some of his shoulder skin, …”


  • blokhin

    most shocking WC moments:

    1) Brazil-Germany 7-1
    2) Suarez bite
    3) Netherlands-Spain 5-2
    4) Costa Rica-Uruguay 3-1


    • Jack

      Some show in England does a 50 most shocking moments after the World Cup, I can’t wait for this years


      • blokhin

        I hould have added-“at the time they happened” and “that I saw live”.. I missed seemingly all the wonder golas because of travel and work and hindsight always being 20-20 CR proved to be better, Spain much worse and Brazil… WTF?!?!? forget the Maracano, this will be a DestruiSelecao


    • JakeTheSnake

      I would just add Costa Rica’s group stage as a whole…beating Italy, Uruguay, and drawing England.


  • Paul Terry

    This game today reminded me the 2009 Gold Cup Final on US soil when Mexico trashed USMNT 5-0 with goals by five different players.


  • ASP

    I didn’t see a lot of kneeling tonight , nor any fingers to the sky… was GOD removed from the equation?


  • karjne scott

    I just cannot believe that Germany put Brazil to shame this is so embarrassing. In my opinion I think the coach should have change the goal keeper in the first half. Germany went to Brazil and beat them like a drum, very sorry for Brazil


    • KingGoogleyEye

      Change the goalkeeper to whom? Sadly, Julio Cesar is the best Brazil has.


    • beachbum

      what responsibility did the GK have with ANY of those goals? none I could see


    • Paul

      This was not the goalkeeper’s fault. This was the defense in front him. No one was challenging and they were giving Germany a ton of space on the ball. It’s like they gave up.


      • beachbum

        +1, and to some degree the pathetic offense which seemed to only be able to give the ball to Germany time and again in the middle of the field


  • beachbum

    Germany high lined their D, without Neymar there was NO ONE to challenge in behind the German back four, Germany kept squeezing the midfield more and more, turning Brazil over and over as the Brazilians went solo attack after solo attack right into the heart of the D

    no ideas from Brazil looked like, and then they quit playing from the shock of goal #2, #3, etc.

    Germany defended as a team and this Brazil has no idea what that means. and when you look at the galaxy of stars on the German team, it’s a big credit to them and their coaches for gelling like that as one collective.


  • Ivan

    At least they didn’t lose to Cameroon!
    At least they will finally forget about 1950, 2014 will be a nightmare for at least half a century!
    At least Fred finally had a good game!
    At least Toronto FC player will win the World Cup!
    At least PSG paid good money for David Luis!
    Garbage! Humiliation for the ages! The fraud was exposed!
    The World is laughing at you! No mercy!


  • Neymar

    Brazil 1-7 Germany

    This match is obviously fixed. Even a nitwit can tell by their body language. They remain cool and calm in spite of trailing 5 goals behind. They don’t mark. They don’t go grab for the ball especially at the 6th goal. They stand and stare especially Marcelo (look at what he is doing).

    The suspended, injured players are all part of their staged drama of giving them excuse of loosing 7 goals.

    Brazil = TRAITOR

    Match is fixed. Those who think otherwise either don’t watch football much or are simply delusional. 🙂


  • Joe

    This is obviously match fixing. You can definitely see some of Brazil’s defenders just standing there doing nothing and just watching. Some of Brazil’s players are being paid bribes while the rest of the players are coping the loss and furious. Three goals in nearly three minutes. What a shame.


  • Neymar

    Hit the nail on the head. Obvious match fixing is obvious 🙂

    Definitely will riot. But I doubt that they will have the strength to riot after seeing such score. This is beyond grievances.


  • vin

    its 100 percent match fixing. brasil did not attempt any action in return for the continues goals in 30 minutes and ceasar was world class goal keeper did nt playlike that, its pre fixed.


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