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Impact trade Nyassi to Fire in exchange for Duka


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With both the Chicago Fire and Montreal Impact struggling towards the bottom of the Eastern Conference, the two sides made a move towards shaking things up by swapping midfielders.

The Fire acquired 25-year-old Sanna Nyassi Tuesday from the Impact in exchange for 2010 first round pick Dilly Duka.

Nyassi, who was selected by the Impact in the 2011 Expansion Draft, scored eight goals and contributed four assists throughout his 54 regular season contests with Montreal. Prior to his time in Montreal, Nyassi spent 2009-10 with the Seattle Sounders before spending a year with the Colorado Rapids.

“Sanna is a versatile, attack-minded player who will provide depth and strengthen our squad as we embark on the second half of the season,” said Chicago Fire Head Coach Frank Yallop. “I’d like to thank Dilly for his time in Chicago and wish him well as he heads to Montreal.”

Nyassi’s counterpart, Duka, who was the eighth pick in the 2010 draft, started just six games for the Fire this season after starting 24 during Chicago’s previous campaign. The 24-year-old has scored six goals and provided eight assists during his MLS career, which saw him appear for the Columbus Crew 46 times prior to moving to the Fire.

Whay do you think of the move? Which player do you see making a bigger impact for his new side?

Share your thoughts below.

      • B-

        hey BB

        Trades happen in Europe(though they are rare) but all players must agree to it.

        In MLS the players have no say if they are traded. That puts MLS at a disadvantage when competing with other leagues for players.


      • Ali Dia

        These European player swaps are not typically structured as “trades”, as I understand. It is actually two transfers, closed coterminously, effectively simulating the net effect of a trade….

        Why is the distinction important? Because the two considerations do not comingle following close. For example, if one of the players subsequently “does a Mutu” and blows a fat line of cocaine off a toilet seat before a surprise drug test, the liability (for whomever bears it) does not involve the other player, and the liability is simply the gross transfer fee allocated to the coke-blighted player (i.e. the other transfer cannot be nullified, etc, nor does this fee “net out”)

        If somebody understands this differently, please chime in, but this is what I have gathered. Trades are a messy business that only really happens in the USA, where it has become standard practice, typically to the benefit of ownership.


      • B-

        you’re correct.

        Trades really have no place in soccer which is a global game. And the reason is in just about every soccer league on the planet the players decide where they are going to play just as the ordinary worker decides where he is going to work. Once you start trading and drafting players and telling them where they are going to play it puts your league at a significant disadvantage for recruiting talent. Just look at Mix Diskerud. He wanted to play for Portland but wouldn’t sign a contract where the league owned his rights and could ship him to any team without his consent.


  • beto

    Two similarly talented yet for some reason not as acomplished as you would think players.

    Still think Duka can become a great player.


  • SilverRey

    Duka and Robert Warzycha didn’t get along (due to RW being RW) at the Crew. How’d he look in Chicago? I always thought he was on the verge of being consistently good.


    • Brett

      He’s been inconsistent for the fire. Some plays he does everything right. Some he failed. Overall not too bad but not worth a little less than 200k. I know nyassi is not overly an improvement, probably more a lateral movement, but we save around 30-40k cap. Opens room for other movements


    • The Imperative Voice

      Tangentially related but I thought it was odd they mentioned Duka was a first round pick in 2010 because the Crew picked him not the Fire (who traded for him).

      Stats wise I think the Fire win the trade. Duka has long been a player said to be high on potential but Nyassi has double the production in his good years. Neither has done anything lately. We’ll see who is springboarded by a fresh start.


  • Mac

    Dilly was good last year and got better as the year went on. Thought this might be his breakout season. May just be chemistry with the coaches. Just really didn’t happen this year under Yallop, but maybe going with Klopas will help him click. If Nyassi is quicker then he and Nyarko on either side might be a dangerous thing.


  • Jack

    I’m not surprised how you could hate a player so much and talk about his salary, where were you guy lasted season, or is it that the same hate came with when Brian bliss came to the club and having the same things go on to Duka what they did in Columbus, so could this be a personal thing, not to play him, not give him 90mins, subbing him inn and out to not show the public what kind of attacking mid/playmaker he is, all to down grade him and lower his salary, but then use his skills talents for training, I see a pattern from Columbus and those three involved in running that team aren’t there anymore, so if duka’s smart you should know any club would use your talents and pickup that salary! But will Chicago give him up that easily if he wants out and then make it personal. I would like to know the inside news from a player/agent to reporter!
    What I see is Columbus tried to hide the fact that he’s a natural attacking center mid and they placed him on the wings, so would you place zindine zidane on the wings, if you new he’s an attacking center mid? Or Would you put Ronaldo as center mid, when he’s a winger?, but also both can take on players 1 on 1, so if you see Columbus or Chicago this season would show you that they would use Duka on both sides left/right wings Right! If he can play on both side easily why not center mid, so that means you don’t want him to never really show his talents as a center mid but it’s ok in training, if I was a coach to isolate player I would do what they are doing plus, not play him in his natural position, make sure he’s more on the defending end, so he can never produce and make sure I let him know he’s not doing anything right! Usually when this sort of thing happens it’s because more or less it’s personal. I also wonder in his youth stage what position did he play?


    • SilverRey

      Ooh, I forgot Bliss moved in with the Fire after Duka was there. Dilly just can’t catch a break. Maybe he’ll find his way at Montreal.


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