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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

David Luiz of Brazil


The penultimate match of the World Cup gets underway on Saturday, as the countdown to the World Cup final draws ever closer.

Neither team is happy to be there, but Brazil and the Netherlands will meet up in the World Cup third-place match at the Estadio Nacional in Brasilia. Brazil are looking to pick themselves off the floor after their dreadful 7-1 defeat to Germany while the Netherlands had just three days to recover from a difficult 120-minute performance.

Elsewhere, there’s plenty of MLS action on tonight, with the New York Red Bulls hosting the Columbus Crew, the LA Galaxy taking on Real Salt Lake for the third time this season, and much more. Lastly, Tigres UANL host Morelia in the second leg of the SuperCopa MX, with a place in the 2015 Copa Libertadores on the line.

If you will be watching today’s matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action. (Today’s TV and web schedule can be found after the jump):

4 p.m. – Brazil vs. The Netherlands – ESPN

7 p.m. – Philadelphia Union vs. Colorado Rapids – MLS Direct Kick/MLS Live

7 p.m. – Toronto FC vs. Houston Dynamo – MLS Direct Kick/MLS Live

7 p.m. – New York Red Bulls vs. Columbus Crew – MLS Direct Kick/MLS Live

7:30 p.m. – Montreal Impact vs. Sporting Kansas City – MLS Direct Kick/MLS Live

7:30 p.m. – New England Revolution vs. Chicago Fire – MLS Direct Kick/MLS Live

8 p.m. – Tigres UANL vs. Morelia – Azteca America

10 p.m. – Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Chivas USA – MLS Direct Kick/MLS Live

10:30 p.m. – LA Galaxy vs. Real Salt Lake – MLS Direct Kick/MLS Live

    • Increase0

      The man should have a yellow too from that little run he made just a second ago. He is gunna lose his head and hurt someone. Yellow him now so he has to settle down.

      And now Luiz is on the left wing somehow…
      I don’t understand why they Let him play like this. Bench him for Dante. Just pull him now.


      • Pace

        Have you seen the meme of bilbo baggies saying “I’m going on an adventure!!!” That’s David luiz when he gets the ball.


      • Increase0

        He also likes to send that ball on adventures when he takes free kicks. I will say he did score a nice one though.


      • JayAre

        I noticed the same thing. He’s a CB that some how ends up on the wing, in attacking mid and sometimes higher than the forward. His positional awareness is awful. He reminds me of Brek Shea in his CB days. I hope watching him lets everyone see how underrated American players are. Besler, Gonzales and Brooks may never have Luiz’s best day but he damn sure will never have anything close to his worst.


      • Increase0

        I never knew Brek was a CB. That seems a terrible idea.

        Brazil also lets Luiz take free kicks. He must have a insanely charismatic personality as people seem to love him. I’m gunna stop picking on him now unless he does something insane once again.


      • beachbum

        go back and watch the first 10 minutes vs. Germany and count how many places he shows up on the field, as the CB


      • revumpkin

        He is getting ridiculously out of position. His lack of poise is pretty stunning for such an acclaimed pro.


  • Citronomics

    “Ruud Van Nistleroy must be happy watching this back in the studio”. Gee ya think? Brilliant from the ESPN commentator.


  • Increase0

    Did Oscar get touched? I’m not quite sure… It might have been a dive… I don’t consider Oscar a diver though.


  • dawwilly

    The Dutch are getting sloppy seconds on a supine Brazil. It’s like a bad Ronco Sifreddi porn from the 80s


  • dawwilly

    Jo looks like a Brazilian version of Where’s Waldo. Either Brazil is throwing the game to help the country recover from the huge deficit created by hosting this affair or this team has some of the worst set play execution. Both of the set plays from the right by Oscar were excellent, the runs in the box looked like a Chinese fire drill. Explains why Luiz is no longer at Chelsea. #overrated.


  • Increase0

    Thank goodness this game doesn’t really count. This Ref is awful. It’s also good that Holland should be winning if no other reason that because of a Red card.


  • Diego's Maradoughnuts

    This Brazil team was doomed from the moment they let Benny Feilhaber slip through their fingers.


  • bryan

    nice to hear Barbir scored in his debut with WBA. also, Devante Parker scored 2 goals off the bench for Mainz against Zurich. here is one of them, which was sick:


  • JayAre

    Why! Why! Why! 5 extra minutes was just going to let the Netherlands score more goals. Congrats to Luiz for letting that weak cross in again.


  • Dave

    Pathetic game by Brazil, showing if at first you don’t succeed, just lie down and die.


  • Gill King

    WTF… Only 3 goals? Venezuela is probably pretty pissed that Brazil didn’t have to qualify for Copa 2014. LOL.. The hosts were handed the Croatia game, barely survived a draw v freakin Mex, had a walkover against non competitive Cameroon, were saved by a post v Chile, and got Colombia sans their best player, had ideal weather venues and massive support at every competition. Basically the whole Copa was aligned for their success.. Stick a fork in them.. It’s time for women’s beach volleyball in the Cocabana now.


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