FIFA15 unveils several new features ahead of Sept. 23 release

FIFA15 unveils several new features ahead of Sept. 23 release


FIFA15 unveils several new features ahead of Sept. 23 release

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With soccer’s premier video game set to be released next month, EA Sports developers are raving about the latest features to make their way to the virtual pitch.

EA Sports is set to release the latest edition of the FIFA series, FIFA 15, on Sept. 23, with those in charge of the game promising heaps of improvements and additions.

First and foremost, the game promises to fully utilize the capabilities of the latest systems, with Xbox One and Playstation 4 set to get tons of visual improvements, including new emotional displays and stadium interactions, such as a deteriorating field surface and moving crowds.

The English Premier League will also be undergoing a special overhaul, with EA including all 20 of the league’s stadiums, as well as authentic match presentation and even goal-line technology.

In addition to EPL improvements, the game will feature a fully licensed Serie A, as well as a return of the Turkish Süper Lig. Due to licensing disagreements, the game will not include Brazilian domestic leagues, although the national team will be unaffected.

As for game play, the company, as always, promises improved artificial intelligence, with this year’s biggest focus being towards the actions of goalkeepers, who have long been criticized for their in-game performance. In addition to improvements in goal, developers promise better dribbling control, as well as more realistic physical interactions.

Finally, several of the game’s most popular game modes will be receiving improvements as well, with a major focus on career mode, which will now feature new tactics controls, as well as a fully integrated Match Day live.

The game’s revolutionary Ultimate Team mode will also see it’s fair share of improvements, with a new loan feature that will allow players to try out the game’s most expensive players. Ultimate Team will also feature a new concept squad feature, as well as new legends including Carlos Valderrama, Roberto Carlos and Alan Shearer to complement those included in FIFA 14.

What do you think of FIFA 15’s new features? What excites you most? Plan on getting the game?

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