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Chivas USA bolster attack with loan move for former Ecuadorian international Borja

Felix Borja (AS)


Chivas USA have relied quite a bit on the scoring prowess of Erick Torres this season, but they look to have gotten him some help.

Chivas USA announced on Thursday that they have acquired forward Felix Borja on loan from LDU Quito. The move for Borja was completed before the transfer window closed last week, and the former Ecuadorian international will be available for the Goats’ match against the Vancouver Whitecaps on Saturday.

“We are extremely pleased to add such a gifted, international striker,” said Chivas USA head coach Wilmer Cabrera. “Felix’s great experience in some of the other top leagues worldwide will help us not only on the field, where we expect him to score and create goals, but also in the locker room, where he can help mentor our younger players.”

The 31-year-old Borja played for Ecuador in the 2006 World Cup and earned 23 caps in his career. He’s played for several clubs throughout the world, including Olympiacos, Mainz, Puebla and LDU Quito.

He gives the Goats another viable option up front, where Torres has done the club’s heavy lifting this season in terms of scoring. Torres currently has 14 goals, but no other player on the squad has more than two this year.


What do you think of the Goats acquiring Borja? Do you see him finding instant success in MLS? Think he will complement Torres well?

Share your thoughts below.


    So MLS is doing moves for them from their wallet. Don’t get it.Then why not jones and ronaldinho, right. What is MLS thinking, just relocate this team or tell apple or Facebook to buy it or Carlos slim or some rich Asian from Los Angeles.


    • slowleftarm

      Ah yes, tell facebook to buy it and spend millions on new players. Why didn’t they think of it sooner? Somebody call Zuckerburg and tell him Ronaldinho and Jones are still available!


  • Josephnsantos, Sr.

    The Chivqas need more than Borja; they need to be sold to an owner who is willing to invest some money, otherwise they are condened to last place in the Westernb Division.


  • $$$

    I am enjoying the recent DP’s from latin america

    but is this for performance on the field or promotion off of it? Will these guys bring attention to the team or just help the teams initial performance? I’m all about flooding the league with Central and South American players to help build it up. The only DP’s we need are say those like Ibra or Lewandowski or Pirlo. Guys that will bring PR asap and solid performances


    • $$$

      in fact it wouldn’t hurt more to have more loans from the Mexican league and say the Japanese and Korean leagues. Imagine if say a young Kagawa or Honda were loaned for 6 months to MLS?


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