The SBI Show: Episode 157 (Recapping MLS Week 22, and more)

RobbieKeanVsSanJose (USA Today Sports)


The first weekend of MLS action after the All-Star Break saw some teams jump into playoff places, while some others felt the first taste of what could be a disappointing second half of the season.

Episode 157 of The SBI Show takes a look back at MLS Week 22, including impressive victories by Vancouver, Real Salt Lake and the Chicago Fire.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I also look back at MLS All-Star Week, and a great week in Portland.

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  • kw

    No, you’re not offending people in Seattle. Most of here think the city of Portland is a great city! It’s their soccer team we don’t like. Love the podcast as always, keep up the good work.


    • The Ginger Ninja

      It’s where we go to drink and look at boobs at the same time. That’s illegal up here.


  • James

    Since you request feedback – it’d be great to have sections of the podcasts indexed, that way you can skip to MLS review, QA, interview, etc. Often I don’t have time to listen to the whole thing at once.

    Otherwise, nice work fellas.


  • Dace

    I would really like to see a miniseries of much shorter podcasts (maybe 20-30 mins), focusing on single subjects – i.e. the merits of a promotion/relegation system, the pros and cons of the existing cap structure, etc…could be good for midweek filler episodes. Probably just me, I like when people delve into minutia, furthering my understanding of any given subject that’s already piqued my interest.

    Thanks Garrett for backing Oscar! I’m split though, while I agree that he’s done very well, it’s hard to deny that Ben took what was easily the worst club of 2013 in the league to one of the best in 2014 (three points shy of leading the East with a game in hand).

    Great show guys, thanks for making my work day a little easier to handle =)


    • Dace

      I should have held my comment til I’d finished the show…

      Ives, as dirty or “shady” as you see Blas as being, you gotta admit that Carlos Ruiz was much worse. It’s hard to find fault in your own team sometimes, but watching Ruiz play, even when he was with FCD, made me upset. Compared to Ruiz, Blas is quite stubborn about diving. Embellishment, on the other hand, is something it seems all Central American pros are well versed in.


      • Ives Galarcep

        Ruiz took it to another level. I’d argue Perez is so smart and crafty with his tricks that he elevates it to an art form. Ruiz was just a straight-up diver. When I used to watch Ruiz I would think “Man this guy is such a cheater.” With Perez, it’s more like, “Man, this guy is too slick.”


      • Dace

        Fair point, Blas is a little hard to defend at times but has yet to induce anything close to the cringe-worthy, bile-churning disgrace of Ruiz flopping around the pitch like a flounder.

        Might be a bit hyperbolic but I think conveys the point well.


  • Since 82

    Great show Ives. Glad you enjoyed your latest trip to PDX. AOPDX is interested in putting forward an event the next time you are here (for RSL). Feel free to contact me. I will hit you up on Twitter too.


  • MLS_Soccer_Talker

    I think at the end of season Oscar Pareja takes coach of the year.

    I still dont think Olsen is a good coach despite doing well this season thus far. He shouldve been sacked last year.

    IMO, the majority of of DCs Success was in the offseason. I think the FO did a great job. I dont know how much of that Olsen was behind in, nonetheless im still going to hate on him. Hahaha.

    So Im not drinking that DCU Kool Aid either.


  • Steven

    HAHA. I have the same hard hat from the stadium opener! My team was playing in the USASA U-23 National tournament at their facilities that weekend! The Metro Stars were in our hotel and in the elevator, my mom asked Tony Meola and Eddie Gavin if they were playing in the tournament, priceless. They said no, obviously. haha.


  • beto

    Garrett – you remembered correctly; Fernandez (FCD) was way off his line on Torres’ (COL) PK


  • Chad

    Ives –
    Stuttering, stopping, backing up, etc are all perfectly legal in the approach on a PK. ONLY NCAA has any rules that restrict actions in the approach. FIFA rules only address the actions of the kicker upon completing the approach (i.e. only the motion of actually kicking the ball). Approach itself is free game.

    Love the pod, and am catching up after falling a bit behind.


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