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Galaxy acquire Gordon in trade with Earthquakes

Alan Gordon

Photo by ISIPhotos.com


The “Bash Brothers” era in San Jose is over.

In a flash, the LA Galaxy completed a trade with the San Jose Earthquakes to bring Alan Gordon back to Southern California. In return, the Galaxy sent an undisclosed amount of allocation money to the Earthquakes. The trade ends Gordon’s three and a half year run with the Earthquakes, where he combined with forward Steven Lenhart to form one of the most “in your face” forward pairings in the league.

“Alan is a proven MLS player who adds another scoring threat to our roster going forward,” LA Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena said. “We are pleased to welcome him back as a member of the Galaxy.”

Gordon spent 2005-2010 with the Galaxy, scoring 16 goals and adding 12 assists in 80 appearances. Gordon was traded to the Earthquakes from Toronto FC during 2011 season and had a breakout year in 2012, scoring 13 goals, adding seven assists, and helping lead the Earthquakes to the MLS Supporters Shield.

Since then, the 32-year-old has found success on the field hard to come by. Last season he was in and out of the lineup all season due to injury and scored only four goals, and has yet to record a goal this season in 15 appearances, starting only six times.

Gordon scored one of his most memorable goals on June 29, 2013, in front of 50,000 fans at Stanford Stadium for a Cali Clasico match against the Galaxy. With the Earthquakes trailing, 2-1, in second half stoppage time, Shea Salinas slammed home a rebound and then two minutes later, Gordon headed home at the back post to give the the Earthquakes a stunning 3-2 victory over the Galaxy.

“We would like to thank Alan for everything he has done for this club,” Earthquakes general manager John Doyle said in a statement. “Alan has produced many great moments during his years with the Earthquakes. We wish him well going forward.”


What do you think of this trade? Do you see Gordon as a key piece for this Galaxy team down the stretch? Think he can contribute more than Rob Friend?

Share your thoughts below.

    • GetOverIt

      They do it all over the world. If you read the English “funny papers” you’ll see them mention transfer fees plus player swaps all the time. It doesn’t happen exactly the same way as here, but it does happen.

      By the way, it’s “in MLS” not “in the MLS”.


      • 43

        so ridiculous. I remember years ago he was with Galaxy barely making ends meets. MLS must raise the salary cap to 5 million by 2020. and allow individual teams to make transfers and not the league


      • Ian

        The salary cap will almost certainly be at or over $5 million by 2020, but I highly doubt the league will ever let teams handle their own transfers. It’s a single entity system and parity is a major sticking point for the league.


    • White Kix

      “In return, the Galaxy sent an undisclosed amount of allocation money to the Earthquakes.”

      Not sure if you read the article, but they traded money. Trading money for an asset (Although one could argue whether or not Gordon qualifies as an asset) is the same thing as paying a transfer fee for an asset. It’s just that here in America, we say trade. If you want to argue that we should say transfer fee instead of trade, go for it.


    • Ian

      Try capitalization, punctuation, and leaving the “the” off MLS, then I’ll take your comment seriously.


    • AcidBurn

      Fine. Let me Euro-snob this article for you.

      The MLS club LA Galaxy set to land powerful forward Alan Gordon from San Jose based club the Earthquakes. Agreement made over transfer fee assuming Galaxy can fit Gordon’s weekly wage demands into its salary budget.”



    • Smith

      Oh, I’m sorry! I’m a snobby Euro wanna-be, We play “fottball” on a “pitch” for the “gaffer” & we eat “chips” and “crisps” & love “proper footy culture” because we are “supporters” & our teams have “class” and “pace!”



  • Limey

    Seriously? It’s not that Alan Gordon is it? This smacks of desperation or he’s a make wight in another deal. I’m gobsmacked…


  • Manny

    This is the most Bruce Arena deal ever.

    His next deal will look something like this:
    James Riley traded to USL PRO in exchange for 15 lightly used orange cones. Dan Gargan traded to Chivas USA in exchange for allocation money, and Pete Vagenas claimed off waivers from Chivas USA.

    Nelson Rodriguez SCHOOLED!


  • Tony in Quakeland

    Gordon is a smart player, a guy you can run out there for 20 minutes when you need a goal and he will work his butt off getting on the end of a cross. He is something the rest of the Galaxy attackers are not.

    Meanwhile, the Quakes are clearly trying to redefine themselves away from Route 1 neaderthal ball. They are trying to vary thier options (see thier DP signing). It will be interesting to see what they do with the $$$

    So I’m not sure why some people are mocking the trade? It sounds like a smart move for both teams.


    • ex_sweeper

      I really hope the Quakes can develop a new style of play, but for it to be effective, they will need midfielders that can actually hold the ball and pass under pressure. We’re still prone to bypass the midfield. Watching little Perez Garcia trying to bring down Jon Busch’s long balls with Omar Gonzalez on his back was one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen from the Quakes this season. Who thought the loss of Rafael Baca would have such a devastating impact on our midfield?


  • Dinho

    That Rob Friend acquisition did not turn out so well….. I could have told you that before it happened.


  • 43

    Is Gordon the poor man’s Wondo? or is Gordon the rich man’s ROB FRIEND? how did Rob Friend ever have a career abroad. some years in Norway and Germany. crazy


    • Ali Dia

      Alan Gordon has had a few moments… he did help the USMNT out of a bind by settng up an embarrassingly critical winner against Antigua & Barbuda in the last qualifying cycle.

      But as a Galaxy guy, I’d have to say yeah his basic claim to fame is — he was probably better than Nate Jaqua in the end. Probably.

      I don’t know if anybody else remembers the Galaxy-Pachuca Superliga final in 2007, but it was remarkable how Gordon managed to stand out in the solitary most frustrating match I’ve ever attended. Very few people actually remember this match, which saw David Beckham pick up a season-ending injury, Chris Klein score an absurd bicycle kick equalizer in added time, Landon Donovan show his inner Wondo on a decisive PK in the shoot-out (the late Miguel Calero deserves credit for the save), and a small Mexican child name Jose Francisco Torres control the game with his composed passing for Pachuca.

      Nobody who was there could ever remember those things in any detail because we were too busy being kicked in the balls. The mediocrity of Gordon (who replaced Becks) was so spectacular on that day, Very ripe garbage. I still smell it to this day sometimes. A profane performance that made his $30,000/year seem like pure charity. To his credit, he improved… but I still feel like he owes me.


    • Andy in Atlanta

      He played 22 times for 1860 Munich last year… more than Kenny Cooper could ever do there…


  • Alex H

    Happy to see him back. I think AG can provide some depth at the very least. Also the Galaxy have been doing a good job crossing the ball and winning corners so AG might prove a good fit.


  • Horace

    So the guy who was suspended for three games for dropping the three-letter F word on Will Johnson last year is now on Robbie Rogers’ team. I’d like to eavesdrop on that first meeting.


    • Ian

      I get where you’re coming from, and I am absolutely opposed to, and appalled by, that word, but it’s disingenuous to suggest everyone who’s ever uttered that word is a hobophobe. Gordon could just be a little unenlightened.


      • Diego's Maradoughnuts

        +1 It happens. Bad form, but it doesn’t make him a bigot for all time. We’ve all heard that word slung around irresponsibly,especially amongst competitive dudes trying to get after one another. It’s A-hole stuff, but in most senses it’s ignorance rather than hate. It sounds like Gordon took his medicine like a man and got the message.


    • Swift

      Gordon reached out to Robbie the same night he said it. Apparently they had played together before and are good.


    • Andy in Atlanta

      Let Chris Rock explain it to you….it does not always mean homosexual….

      Is it cool to use the word…no but does not always reflect the personal feelings of the person who says it…


  • josh

    “Think he can contribute more than Rob Friend?”

    I’ve been contributing more than Rob Friend while sitting on my couch eating popcorn in my underwear.

    So yes.


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