MLS All-Star Game

Porter planning to field two different lineups during MLS All-Star Game

Caleb Porter

Photo by Michael Janosz/ISIphotos.com


PORTLAND, Ore. — Caleb Porter already has a plan in place to manage the amount of minutes many, if not all, of the MLS All-Stars will play on Wednesday.

With a full slate of league matches on tap for this weekend, Porter wants to limit how fatigued MLS players get during the upcoming All-Star Game. Giving the star-studded Bayern Munich at Providence Park a run for their money and showing well for MLS is of course something the competitive Porter craves, but not at the expense of running his players into the ground.

That is why instead of taking the approach of slowly substituting players in over the course of 90 minutes as previous MLS All-Star head coaches have opted for, Porter intends to use different groups at the start of each half to keep players fresh.

“Obviously, I need to manage the minutes of these players. That’s a priority,” said Porter. “I want these players to go back to their clubs healthy, and a lot of them have games Saturday, Sunday so that means that we need to manage some minutes of players and we’re pretty much going to play two separate groups first half and second half.”

While such major changes in the lineup could completely alter the tempo or flow of the game, Bayern Munich are also expected to make several substitutions as they continue their preseason preparations ahead of the start of the Bundesliga.

Still, Porter is planning on trying to get MLS back to winning ways in the All-Star Game by playing the type of proactive brand of soccer that has become the norm with his Timbers.

“The key is to highlight these players,” said Porter. “It’s a celebration of these players and their careers for what they have done this year and not just this year (and) to showcase the league. Hopefully we can make it a competitive game, we’ll try to make it exciting.

“We have very good attacking players and defensive players, but it wouldn’t do these players justice if we sit back. We will attack and try to make for an exciting game.”


What do you think of Porter’s plan to field two different lineups? Which groups of MLS players would you like to see at the start of each half? Think the attack mindset will lead to a high-scoring game?

Share your thoughts below.

  • H-Town

    He sees this game for what it really is. I personally don’t really care if I see it or not. I am more I to games that actually matter. We don’t need to have these games anymore. They aren’t a barometer of anything.


    • John

      It’s kind of fun to see guys come together and play on the same side. Of coarse it doesn’t mean anything one way or another but I still find it entertaining.


      • malkin

        But admitting it’s fun and enjoyable doesn’t make you sound as cool.


    • Diego's Maradoughnuts

      Can’t MLS/NWSL just get a co-ed game all-star game together with one of these countries/clubs that has a domestic women’s and men’s topflight? Not like it would be that much more absurd than the current game, and it would remind a lot of us of our rec leagues.
      Particularly there are a few red cards.

      And the Homegrown Player Game is just err…. Homegrown. I suppose it could be improved… maybe if you reduce it to a 5-v-5 and hold it in the unlit trailer of a speeding U-Haul. Still not sure I would admit I’d watched.


  • ilikefreddyyesadu

    I’d replace Donovan with Brad Davis and Wondo. I’d then play Dempsey as a target forward with Bradley in an advanced midfield role.


  • Javier

    Donovan probably won’t get much playing time because the Galaxy are playing SJ on Friday. Keane and Gonzalez have already been replaced because of Friday’s game.


  • Quit Whining About Soccer in the US

    I will go ahead and be the whiner this time.

    I have been a US soccer fan going on 5 decades now.
    I love MLS, I like all the US leagues actually.
    I am not the type to hate the All Star games because the rest of the world doesn’t do it.


    Why are they doing this ? We haven’t seen Bayern play enough ? I find myself not even caring.
    Give us something interesting. I have always thought Mexican All Stars versus US All Stars, something we can look forward to year after year. Something because, Everton one year, BM another is just boring.

    I am done whining.


    • Quit Whining About Soccer in the US

      I re-read my post, and I am thinking, did they even play Everton ? I don’t even remember, that is how intresting these games are.

      OK NOW I am done whining.


      • Radiogonzo

        yes they did, in 2009.

        The best format was in 1998, if any of you remember it.


      • Quit Whining About Soccer in the US

        More interesting than the current set up for sure.


      • Brain Guy

        Go ahead, keep on whining — it’s justified. MLS fans don’t need or want this game. The only point seems to be to priove that MLS can be just as dumb as other US pro sports in putting on a contrived exhibition. But at least the other sports are smart enough to do it so as not to interfere with real games. When you look at some teams’ schedules, the timing of this game is the equivalent of the NFL scheduling the Pro Bowl on the Wednesday between two regular-season weekends.


      • Horsewhistle

        I shared the same feelings last year. The only reason I am excited this year is I live in Portland and am a BAYERN fan, dating pre MLS. Otherwise, I will share your feelings next year.

        It is kind of crummy this event is in the middle of the week between two league weekends. This is how it worked out due to the World Cup. I don’t even think the all stars will prove to be worthy opponents. But I wouldn’t mind dropping some coin and attending some parties and had the chance to be the first to buy Garrett a cosmopolitan. With kids and a job this Portland hyped week is an afterthought. I should compensate by drinking heavily tomorrow.


  • Reboot

    I’m guessing…

    First Half XI

    Second Half XI

    I don’t know how else to field two teams with two fullbacks


  • onlyagame



    • Diego's Maradoughnuts

      It’s weird what happens if you keep whipping a dead horse for extremely long stretches. I’m not even sure what to make of this. Should we be concerned?


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