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FOX Sports reveals plans to broadcast CCL on FS1, FS2, Fox Soccer Plus

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FOX Sports has released their soccer telecasting schedule for the next two months, and the CONCACAF Champions League is set to be prominently featured.

Starting in match-day two, which begins on Tuesday, FOX Sports will broadcast 16 2014-2015 CCL matches involving either or both the New York Red Bulls, Sporting Kansas City, Portland Timbers, D.C. United, and Montreal Impact. Four of the matches this fall will be shown on Fox Sports 1, five matches on FS2, and seven matches on Fox Soccer Plus.

Veteran broadcaster J.P. Dellacamera will call the games along with either Cobi Jones or Brian Dunseth, while John Strong will also chip in with play-by-play alongside Janusz Michallik.

Both the Timbers and Sporting KC kick off their 2014/2015 CCL campaign with road matches on Tuesday. The Timbers travel to face Alpha United in Guyana and Sporting KC visits Real Esteli in Nicaragua. D.C. United host Jamaican side Waterhouse on Wednesday.

Here’s a look at FOX Sports’ CCL TV schedule:


8 p.m. – Alpha United (GUY) vs. Portland Timbers – FOX Soccer Plus
10 p.m. – Real Esteli (NCA) vs. Sporting Kansas City – FOX Soccer Plus

8 p.m. – D.C. United vs. Waterhouse (JAM) – FOX Sports 2

8 p.m. – New York Red Bulls vs. Club Deportivo FAS (SLV) – FOX Sports 2

8 p.m. – Waterhouse vs. D.C. United – FOX Soccer Plus
10 p.m. – Portland Timbers vs. Club Deportivo Olimpia (HON) – FOX Sports 1

8 p.m. – Montreal Impact vs. New York Red Bulls – FOX Sports 2

8 p.m. – Sporting Kansas City vs. Deportiva Saprissa (CRC) – FOX Sports 1

8 p.m. – Sporting Kansas City vs. Real Esteli – FOX Sports 1
10 p.m. – Portland Timbers vs. Alpha United FC – FOX Sports 1

8 p.m. – D.C. United vs. Tauro FC (PAN) – FOX Sports 2
10 p.m. – Club Deportivo FAS vs. New York Red Bulls – FOX Soccer Plus

8 p.m. – Tauro FC vs. D.C. United – FOX Soccer Plus
10 p.m. – Club Deportivo Olimpia vs. Portland Timbers – FOX Soccer Plus

8 p.m. – New York Red Bulls vs. Montreal Impact – FOX Sports 2

10 p.m. – Deportivo Saprissa vs. Sporting Kansas City – FOX Soccer Plus


What do you think of this development? Glad to see CCL games on FS1? Wish there was more access to the other matches?

Share your thoughts below.

  • AcidBurn

    So Fox Soccer Plus still exists? Who knew?

    More time for Gus Johnson to practice “Cahill…TOP OF THE KEY!”


    • Ian

      It’s still included in the same $6 bundle as BeIN Sports and some Spanish channels on TWC. I’ve watched it maybe once since Fox lost the EPL. This gives me reason to tune in again.


      • bryan

        Interesting, Uverse does not include it with the same tier that has beIN. It and GolTV cost additional money. And it’s an outrageous fee which is why I skipped. I have FS1 and FS2 though.


  • reignman

    That’s cool, looks like I’ll have access to watch 4 games. Congrats on being such a great network Fox, hopefully you guys figure it out before the WC


  • WeatherManNX01

    How nice that not only can they not be bothered to show more than four matches on the channel people actually get, but we don’t even have the luxury of seeing the MLS teams at home. Awesome.

    And this is the network that doesn’t understand why people don’t trust them with the World Cup.


    • MyNameIsAlsoVic

      Thats great that some of the CCL is making it to a viewing network. However, if there is no return for the network or the teams involved (and i believe MLS/LigaMX teams are taking a financial hit in participating), then CCL needs to be paired down, maybe even less then 16 teams at the group stage. Fifa’s only stipulation is that some measure of a Concacaf tournament take place. Look, I dont see FIFA saying to Sea that they must play US open cup games at Centurylink instead at 5k Starfire. I’ll watch but the infrastructure isnt there beyond MX or MLS


      • Ali Dia

        The stark reality is that this competition is actually worse than Superliga. Nobody wants to be there. The biggest and most depressing indictment for me is seeing the kinds of “crowds” the CCL attracts when the best MLS and Liga MX attracts to road games in the also-ran countries. It ain’t like UEFA, where you might see a packed house on a weeknight in Latvia if one of the big European clubs come callling to play their plucky local underdogs. Not in this case– turns out people in Haiti don’t want to watch Jack McBean play soccer on a Wednesday night any more than we do and probably they never will.

        In all likelihod, this competition does not have a future. As you have said, it is not making money for anybody, and it is not producing any other material benefit. The only people who seem to care are people like us, hardcore US soccer junkies who regard it as a barometer in MLS’s development compared to Liga MX. The “prize” once this is actually achieved is a trip to the Club World Cup, another farcical “competition” which occurs in the heart of the MLS offseason. Anybody looking for a reprise of the 2009 Confederations Cup should probably look elsewhere.

        Finding a solution with CONMEBOL is worth the effort. This is pointless in its current form.


      • Ali Dia

        AMP you are the solitary positive influence in my world. I salute you and spit on Ives’ lawn for his shabby withholding of your scarf.


      • Supa

        This is a competion to “improve” football in the CONCACAF reigion. On of the reasons this competion exists is to give other leagues a chance to play MLS or Liga MX teams. As been pointed out many times, to improve your team you have to play teams “better” than yours. Weekday/night matches are always tough to draw supporters to, but this copetition is not about attendance, it’s for the deveopment of football in our region, nothing more…..


  • El Tiante

    Actually, FS+ is my favorite of the three. Soccer, rugby, and Aussie rules football without a lot of other junk. It’s on a cheap extra-sports tier on my cable provider. FS2 is the joke. It’s not in HD, so my cable company, Time Warner, squeezes it back to about half the screen size. Ridiculous and almost impossible to watch a game.

    If Fox is serious about putting real games on FS2, it needs to bring the channel up to HD and get full-screen carriage.

    I wonder if the leagues they carry know about the poor presentation of games on FS2.


    • Ian

      I’m in the same boat with TWC. I’m happy with the channels, but FS2… what’s the point even? It’s 2014. No one’s watching a standard def channel.


    • Joe Soccer

      FS2 is in HD on DirecTV, so if you aren’t getting it in HD that is the fault of your cable company and not Fox.


    • Diego's Maradoughnuts

      It’s true that Fox can’t be trusted to deliver soccer in the way that it needs to be delivered here. They don’t invest properly in production value. They seem to have a fantasy in which the end-game is exacty the same as “NFL on Fox” and until then they avoid writing big checks or establsihing credibility.

      But I think NBC Sports has plenty to answer for here too in a different way. Everybody raves about NBC’s coverage but I find it to be very frustrating. It is wildly non-committal and closer to a high-end hooker than marriage material. They treat it the way they do the Olympics… they load up the production value for the marquee events and then disappear completely NBC Sports at the national level has never found its identity– Golf? Sunday Night NFL? Occasional baseball? It’s always a Ted Lasso job with these guys– as a partner they are unreliable and apparently committed to nothing besides the trash heap that is Notre Dame football. And NBC Sports Network actually makes me pine for Fox Soccer Channel — they pull the plug on soccer around 11 am on the weekends, and switch seamlessly to lame programs about sport hunting with no warning,when they could be transitioning into an afternoon MLS showdown if they only invested a bit more…. as though to show you how little they actually care

      ESPN has done a good job as far as I’m concerned — look at the size of their studio staffs and once you get over the Lalas garbage you will see that they are genuinely invested and know what they are doing. Certainly, letting the World Cup and CL slip to Fox makes me angry. But in reality, Fox probably just bid an obscene amount so that ESPN couldn’t have it, rather than intending to do a good job themselves. And so we all lose. Lame.


      • Mo

        This is true about NBC – the coverage is good on Sat-Sun-Mon but then all mention of soccer disappears from NBCSN. At least ESPN is still running a daily soccer show


  • SD

    comcast in nj doesn’t carry FS2 or FS+, nor do they give the option to add it as a separate purchase….bloody comcast….


  • Remy

    FS+ is $15 a month on AT&T U-Verse. I am not paying that much to watch the Scottish Premier league. In fact, they should pay me to watch it.


    • Ian

      Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana are all in CONCACAF; probably because they’re not strong footballing countries and they have more in common, culturally and historically, with the Caribbean.


  • SW

    Fox Blows. Until they put their coverage across the same tier, who cares? Never thought I would say that NBC is setting the standard with the EPL


  • Derek

    I wish you would put a lot more game on FS1. There are a lot of nights where there isn’t even live programming on FS1, and there are CCL games going on! For example, tonight there are 2 CCL games, but none of them are on FS1 so that they can show a replay of Arsenal v Besiktas! If soccer is the future, then why can’t you broadcast these games on the most watched channels?


  • Dick Smith

    Sorry, but I will only be able to watch the 4 games on FS1. ComCast does not carry Fox Soccer Plus or FS2.


  • bryan

    Good with FS1&2 with Uverse. Both in HD too. FS+ only available “a la carte” for like $15/month. Can’t even access FS+ stuff on Fox Sports Go.


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