SBI MLS Rookie of the Week

SBI MLS Rookie of the Week: Tesho Akindele

TeshoAkindeleFCDallas1-PhiladelphiaUnion2014 (USATodaySports)


There are few players, let alone rookies, that are as hot as Tesho Akindele. Having scored three goals in his previous five games, the FC Dallas rookie put forth his best effort yet in the team’s 5-0 destruction of the San Jose Earthquakes Saturday.

The 22-year-old forward scored a hat-trick, the first of his career, with two of his three finishes coming of the poacher variety in displays of positional awareness beyond his years. Akindele was clinical in punishing a helpless Earthquakes side, as the rookie emerged from Saturday’s destruction with his, and his team’s, most impressive performance to date.

Akindele’s scoring of his fifth, sixth and seventh goals of the season have earned the young FC Dallas forward recognition as SBI MLS Rookie of the week. Akindele beat out a field of rookie candidates this week including Philadelphia goalkeeper Andre Blake, Chicago’s Harry Shipp and Montreal’s Eric Miller.


What did you think of Akindele’s performance? Which rookie stood out to you in MLS Week 23?

Share your thoughts below.


  • Dace

    Tesho for ROTY!

    Really glad to see him doing so well, and so early…I didn’t think much of the draft pick when it was announced as we’ve been hit-and-miss with strikers recently (see David Texiera) and I figured we were going to continue to play a packed midfield with Blas being the lone guy up top. I’m glad I was wrong, with Tesho being so red hot and Fabian finally able to finish some of the chances his speed creates, we’ve relied on Blas much less than I thought we’d have to.


    • Increase0

      Texiera is just a loan DP right? I think were gunna need that spot for Castillo next year.

      I like that Tesho looks like a long term replacement for Blas. Blas is great. (An evil great) but as he ages he can be our impact Sub.


      • TJ

        Escobar is on loan as a DP. Texiera was a transfer and I believe FCD paid a transfer fee for him.


  • Raymon

    Did the Canadians cap him yet? I cant remember the last competitive game team Canada has played. 😦


  • MMV

    I have literally seen Tesho grow up, right in front of my eyes, in his hometown of Thornton, CO. I am a little surprised but not shocked to see him performing this well. I had a sneaky feeling somehow, someway Tesho would get an opportunity and eventually become a good, respectable player in this league. However, I honesty thought it would take a year or two. I should have know better!! From Northglenn HS to CO Storm to CO School of Mines this kid has done nothing but exceed expectations. He is the epitome of success. Oscar Pareja already had his eyes on Tesho when he was the Rapids coach. When the opportunity to draft him came up Oscar did not hesitate. Others thought the pick was a head scratcher but it’s paying dividends and will continue to do so. I wish Tesho had not turned down a chance to join the Rapids Academy — he chose to focus on academics — as he could be playing for his hometown club. Oh well……..It’s bummer but I am just elated to see him turning heads. Tesho has earned it. I hate to discuss one’s international future this early in one’s career but if Tesho keeps up development he will have choices to make. He is eligible for Canada and I suspect Benito Floro is keeping a close eye on Tesho.


    • Raymon

      Although you hinted at it, you forgot to mention that CSM is a highly academic school, with strong engineering / math programs. The kid is probably in the 99th percentile of IQ in the league.


      • MMV

        Exactly. I should know. My wife is an alum and she’s sooooooooooooo much smarter than me. I believe Tesho has a degree in electrical engineering. That should tell you all you need to know about his smarts.


      • Increase0

        I know a couple double EEs. They can do stuff like multiply two 4 digit numbers in their heads. Oh I know there is a trick to it, but you still have to keep all those numbers in your head at the same time.


  • TJ

    For a rookie, Akindele has great instincts and positional awareness. Earlier this year, he was getting in good positions but missed some sitters. Now he’s playing with much more confidence and finishing those chances. And if Pareja sticks with this new formation (Castillo and Akindele up top in a 4-4-2), I expect we’ll see Akindele score several more poacher goals this year just cleaning up from the problems Castillo causes.

    He doesn’t yet provide the hold up play or defensive work rate that are such a big part of what Blas Perez contributes. But he sure looks to have the physical attributes, commitment, and the high soccer IQ needed to get there. Great pick by FCD.


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