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Source: Red Bulls strike deal to keep Miller during most of Copa Centroamericana


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New York Red Bulls fans worried about losing Roy Miller to international duty for an extended stretch need not be.

A source has informed SBI that Roy Miller will be staying with the Red Bulls despite being included in Costa Rica’s final 25-man roster for the upcoming Copa Centroamericana. A deal was struck between the two sides in recent days, and Miller will only join the Ticos if they make the tournament final on Sept. 13.

The Red Bulls were not keen on losing their starting left back for the competition that begins on Sept. 3 given that they are in the midst of a tight playoff race and have a string of matches coming up against fellow Eastern Conference teams.

The deal means that New York will not lose Miller for the three league matches that he would have missed had he left for the start of the tournament, which is being played in the United States and will determine the Central American nations that reach next summer’s Gold Cup.

The 29-year-old defender will now miss just one MLS match, a road fixture vs. the Philadelphia Union on Sept. 13, if Costa Rica reaches the championship game in Los Angeles. He would have missed home fixtures against top Eastern Conference teams Sporting Kansas City and D.C. United on Sept. 6 and 10, respectively, had the deal not been reached.

Miller spent a chunk of time away from the club earlier this summer to play in the World Cup, but that still has not stopped him from arguably being the Red Bulls’ best defender this year. He has started 14 of the 15 league matches he’s played in, and contributed with two assists.


Happy to know that Miller will be around for much, if not all, of the upcoming important stretch for the Red Bulls? How important will he be during the upcoming matches?

Share your thoughts below.

      • Brain Guy

        True enough. I’m appealing to his reason and loyalty. He said himself that the MLS regular season means more than the FAS game, yet he’s willing to fly off to play meaningless friendlies in the middle of the most critical (and crowded) stretch of the season.


    • slowleftarm

      I was just thinking that. Hopefully, they’ll play Cahill tonight and Sunday before he goes globetrotting playing meaningless friendlies. Then again, the way he’s been playing, maybe I shouldn’t wish that!


      • beto

        is Cahill leaving outside of an international break?

        blame mls for scheduling over fifa calendars not the players.

        this copa central america is poorly timed as basically every league in the world is in session right now.. CRC should be happy that they let Miller go for the final.


      • slowleftarm

        I know it’s a FIFA break but he’s getting paid $4m a year or whatever, it’s the most crowded stretch of the season for RBNY, and these are friendlies, not competitive matches. So I think he should be here. If these were WC or Asian Cup qualifiers etc., I wouldn’t have a problem with him leaving.


    • Joamiq

      To be honest, I’m not sure the Red Bulls will be missing a whole lot without Cahill…


    • Mark

      You haven’t been paying attention Jake. Miller has done pretty well over the past 12 months or so since coming back from the Gold Cup when he’s healthy. He’s been one of the better leftbacks in the league. Though if you only remember him for his boneheaded plays, and there were more than a few, you can be forgiven for thinking of him in that light. It’s been a nice surprise to have him play so well..


  • Elvis Q. Hamburger

    Well wouldn’t you know…. quite something to see the demand for this guy after the smoldering crater he blasted into the general dignity of soccer against San Jose only 18 months ago. But he’s earned it make no misake. Haven’t seen him mess up much in a while. Let it be known that Mr, Miller has officially ditched his shine box, sworn off comedy football successfully, and turned himself into a legitimate big deal in our little region.. This man’s dance card is full and you aren’t on it.

    Imagine the awe in the faces of his grateful Costa Rica teammates when his jet arrives… — “Sup fellas… Nah I didn’t bring any luggage, thanks… just here to play the final and get back to civilization… . Somebody want to tell which one of you Jay-Vees I’m replacing? Thanks for keeping my seat warm big guy– look me up next time you’re in the City now!”

    Big Roy, you inspire us all.


  • Charlie N.

    Elvis fits 45 1liners into 2 paragraphs. That’s no easy feat. A legend in his own mind!


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